so who’s the charlatan? …

Unhinged, unbalanced, and wanting more of yours, and my, cash. The lunatics are in control of our education.

Professor Corey Bradshaw says he can’t take Bjorn Lomborg seriously. In fact, he is quite defamatory:

There’s been quite a bit of palaver recently about the invasion of Lomborg’s ‘Consensus’ Centre to the University of Western Australia, including inter alia … that Lomborg is a charlatan with a not-terribly-well-hidden anti-climate change agenda, and that he his not an academic and possesses no credibility…

Yet I must admit that I have trouble taking Bradshaw seriously, and not just because I’ve never heard of him or seen any evidence of him influencing the international debate as has Lomborg. And not even because of the dodgy measure he uses to judge Lomborg of no account.

I’m referring more to this picture of the professor on his own home page:


But there is one thing Bradshaw is certainly serious about, as Roger Franklin documents: getting grants from the government.

He is not alone in the weirdos. Melbourne University knows how to find them:

And why is it that her CV reads as a caricature of the modern Leftist academic?

I am a cultural geographer and artist with a background in clinical psychology.  My interests are in the geographies of mental health and well being, therapeutic art practice, and place-making … I have been experimenting with performative research methods to investigate the non-representational geographies of therapeutic art-making.

The UK are even shocked by our ‘institutions’.

The morality of the green academic

A few days ago, I mentioned Professor Corey Bradshaw, the University of Adelaide academic who was being extremely vocal in his attempts to get Bjorn Lomborg defunded and ostracised.

I was blocked by Professor Bradshaw soon after my post appeared, but I gather that he is still hard at work demonstrating his willingness to sacrifice other people’s careers to his own political imperatives:

Last week I was asked to exam a @uwanews PhD thesis. After the #LomborgDebacle, I refuse. Apologies to the student.

What a lot of collateral damage the environmentalist academic can tolerate!

Kununurra trip 017Update, it’s an epidemic of charlatans. Bishop Hill, again:

SMH – the voice of the hidden vested interest

The Sydney Morning Herald is giving much publicity to the anti-Lomborg rantings of someone called Professor Ray Wills.

Adjunct Professor Wills, who has been a spokesman for the university on climate change issues for the past seven years, said there was a lot of disquiet among the university ranks about the centre.

“The appointment tarnishes the reputation of the university,” he told Fairfax Media.

“It’s like appointing Brian Burke to look after your economics.

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