oceanic climate data falsifies the global warming science models …

The Argo buoys measuring Oceanic conditions have been in place now for more than a decade. Their results to date are proof that climate has not been changing over that period. So the models are all wrong. The models are what the warmists believe. Is Global Sea Level Responding as Predicted by Climate Models? (24 April 2015)

Paper Reviewed
Parker, A. 2014. Present contributions to sea level rise by thermal expansion and ice melting and implications on coastal management. Ocean & Coastal Management 98: 202-211.

Parker (2014) begins his most interesting paper by stating “it is claimed that thermal expansion and ice melting from global warming significantly contribute to sea level rise.” In fact, he notes that the IPCC (2014) report says “it is virtually certain that the upper ocean (above 700 m) has warmed from 1971-2010, and likely that it has warmed from the 1870s to 1971,” as well as between depths of 700 and 2000 m from 1957 to 2009. In addition, he writes that in the opinion of the IPCC, “it is likely that the ocean warmed from 3000 m to the bottom from 1992 to 2005.” But are these several contentions correct?

In light of ARGO (Array for Realtime Geostrophic Oceanography) data that are available for the last decade but do not yet cover the deepest ocean layers (below 2000 m) that contain half of the world’s ocean waters, as well as areas poleward of 60°N and 60°S latitudes, Parker writes that “there is basically no significant warming or change of salinity within the accuracy limits of the measurements,” leading him to contend that “the lack of any significant difference in the spatial distribution in latitude, longitude and depth from one year to another year shows that the theoretically proposed increased heat is missing.”

More specifically, the Australian researcher reports that (1) the ocean temperature changes derived from models “are in striking contrast with the measurements by ARGO,” that (2) “the huge increase of the heat content of the 0-700 and 0-2000 m depth water layer derived from models is not confirmed by the Argo measurements that show an almost flat temperature over the same layers,” that over the last 11-year Sun-spot cycle, (3) “the sea ice extent has been increasing,” (4) “the surface air temperatures have been cooling,” and (5,6) “the ocean salinities and temperatures have changed minimally,” that (7) “over the last 11 years there has been no increasing heat uptake of the oceans,” that (8) “sea levels have not risen by the thermal expansion effect or the melting of ice,” and that (9,10) “true measurements conflict with theoretically derived ocean temperatures and sea level changes.”

And thus it is made clear that all of these real-world measurements, as Parker rightly notes, are in “conflict with theoretically derived ocean temperatures and sea level changes.”

So who you gonna trust? … the models or the measurements?

CO2science reporting. (My bold)

argo float operationFigure 1. Argo float operation. There are about 3,500 floats in the ocean, and a total of ~10,000 floats have been used over the period of operation. (via WUWT)

Argo research is ongoing, with more buoys released near Antarctica this year.


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4 Responses to oceanic climate data falsifies the global warming science models …

  1. Petrossa says:

    patience… the data hasn’t been adjusted yet 🙂 Soon Argos data will be mann-handled and will show the proper level of warming

  2. Tom, you are asking: ”who do you trust?” The answer is: ”not one of them! both are misleading!”

    #1: most of the water in the sea is ”below 4C” Water below 4C, when warms up -> it shrinks / when cools more, expands!
    #2: water is fluid, readjust itself by temperature; warmer water cannot stay deep down for more than 40 seconds. On 300m is total darkness, very cold! If you want to have clear picture, the real truth, here it is, have patients and read every sentence (there is another post, details if the wrong sea rising), but first this: https://globalwarmingdenier.wordpress.com/2014/07/12/cooling-earth/

    • Tom Harley says:

      The elephant in the room is water vapour, or humidity.

      • Tom, you hit the nail on the head. Lots of debate by the shonks: ”positive / negative forcing” and they are ”researching” …?!

        All it needs is: compare the rain-forests with the deserts. For them both places have SAME climate – because both places have SAME amount of CO2.
        Tom, if you don’t know which climate is better, in the rainforest with WV, or desert without it => you are qualified to be a climatologist. Earthworms refuse to live in the deserts, because is bad climate without H2O, but most of the Dung-beetles in the blogosphere don’t know that water regulates the climate… I don’t know what is the IQ of an earthworm, but: they know more about the REAL climate, the one in nature, than the urban dung-beetles…

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