Anzac Day Remembrance …

The 100th Anniversary of the Gallipoli landing is remembered right across the World.

A bit of local history for the ANZAC weekend from ABC Kimberley – who knew ‘Cauliflower a la Roebuck Bay’ was served in Egypt in the middle of WW1?

An extraordinary dinner took place at Cairo’s Metropole Hotel in the last days of 1915 as over 30 pearlers, shell openers, station hands, clerks, publicans, and merchants from North West Australia, gathered in the middle of WWI.

Australia remembers – the professional photographers project to record our veterans

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 7.30.23 pm


This is 95 year old Bamia who was enlisted with the Torres Strait Light Infantry Battalion in 1942 and is one of only three surviving members of the battalion.Bamia’s son Eddie says “He joined the army in 1942. When this happened he saw it as a call of duty. He was honoured to be a part of it and do the service. Before he joined the Army, they lived in the dark by kerosene lamp. When he joined the war, he saw the light electricity. War introduced them to modern society.He’s my father. I’m honoured he’s my Dad and has given me this world. He stood up and believed what he did was right. I just want to cry.”PLEASE SHARE this photo and post to help raise awareness of this fantastic project #AIPPReflectionsPhoto by Peter Rossi APP.L GM.Photog

Broome Surf Lifesavers, last evening in their own way, honour the fallen. This is the same beach where Japanese bombers destroyed a large number of Flying Boats carrying Dutch refugees from Java, killing a number of mostly women and children:

Lone Piper

Posted by my brother, former WO2 Colin Harley this morning at King’s Park in Perth:

Kings park. Lest we forget.

Col Harley's photo.

In Broome, this morning:

Well done Broome, great show of respect at the ANZAC Dawn Service..

Alison Harvey-Saunders's photo.
Alison Harvey-Saunders's photo.
Alison Harvey-Saunders's photo.
Alison Harvey-Saunders's photo.
Alison Harvey-Saunders's photo.

dampier creek 022

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