ABC’s dishonesty and anti-science …

The fallout from the Lomborg affair is still haunting the Green ‘Blob’.

Leaked talking points reveal what really went on behind the scenes.

The SMH and Green Senators continue sliming and clutching at straws.

Where does the ‘left’ get off on all this dishonesty and anti-science. Their gravy train must be in danger of drying up.

Tim Flannery and the ABC are still behaving disgracefully:

To put Flannery’s wild claims in context, here are some facts and admissions worth noting from the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

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Tim Flannery even satirizes himself. (Jonova)

Economics Professor Judith Sloan praises the appointment of Economist Dr Lomborg here.

Update, a list of last chances and a list of failed Earth Day predictions.

Update 2, another political climate loser, along with the usual rot from SMH:

Yet another embarrassing captain’s call by the PM to fund a climate sceptic whilst removing the funding of credible science institutions like the CSIRO. Bring on the election.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s office drove the push to provide government funding decision for “sceptical environmentalist” Bjorn Lomborg’s climate think tank, not…
A reminder: Dennis said; “Any mention of the $100 million former PM Gillard granted to the University of South Australia in Adelaide in return for an honorary doctorate? Or the $300 million she granted to a UN education fund where she is now a board member?”

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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2 Responses to ABC’s dishonesty and anti-science …

  1. john namnik says:

    Well said Tom, and Lomborg is not even a climate denier.
    At least though, Leigh Sales [ABC 7.30 REPORT], did not go alarmist last night in claiming the current bad weather in N.S.W. was a decadal event, rather than the worst storm in recorded history.
    And what about our [W.A.’s] world-renowned scientist, Prof. Jorg Imberger, Head of U.W.A.’s Centre for Water Research? Sacked and the Centre closed down? Dismissed for bullying and intimidating his poor little darling students [WEST AUST. 14.4.15]. Jorg always claimed that W.A. had no water supply problem, but had a water management problem…..that we have enough water for thousands of years, not including the capture of Kimberly tropical downpours. [ i can’t find research references: maybe U.W.A. has taken them down, I am going by his many radio interviews]. Such views would be the antithesis of, say, Flannery who scared State Govts into building defunct de-sal plants [about which the E.P.A.’s had nothing to say about the effects of saturating nearby waters with salt]. Or maybe the alarmists just don’t like Scandinavians! One huge benefactors of U.W.A., Dr. Clough threatens to pull his support for “destroying his alma mater.”
    Anyway, the ACTU is determined to get rid of Abbott and his appointments of cronies [ WEST AUST 14.4.15], by engaging 20 specialist campaigners to target federal seats in W.A. [Apropos your post yesterday].
    I certainly have plenty of candidates for my RAW PRAWN category on along with the latest, Premier Andrews & Sean Kelly & Christine Milne, all of the GREEN BLOB.

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