making it hotter to support the agenda …

Making things up, doctoring data and fudging statistics to push a political agenda has now become epidemic amongst climatists and their ideological supporters. Fortunately, there are numerous well credentialed sleuths to uncover the dredge. Here is C3headlines:

How To Make The World Hotter? NOAA Starts With The U.S., Then Just Fabricates Where Needed

The global “warming” charade is not about saving humanity, nor about saving polar bears…it’s all about a non-environmental agenda that is being pursued by the establishment elites and powerful…and they aren’t bashful about admitting it…thus, government agencies, such as NOAA, will fabricate anything and everything in support of the agenda…..

NOAA US maximum temperatures global warming fabricates 041819

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The global warming political agenda requires proof that temperatures are getting hotter.

If “hotter,” then the public will of course need the government to step in and save them from dangerous hot temperatures.

But what happens when the modern maximum temperatures do not fit the agenda by not being as hot as those experienced in the distant past, earlier in the 20th century?

Well, in the case of NOAA, they just fabricate the “proof.”


By simply lowering adjusting past annual maximum U.S. temperatures down until they are below the modern era temps; plus, to provide a little oomph, they raise the modern maximums a bit.

As this chart reveals, NOAA massively lowered the past temperatures prior to the 1990’s. The broad black curve is the 5-year mean of the maximum U.S monthly temperatures originally measured and recorded.

And the broad blue curve? That’s the 5-year mean of maximum temperatures after NOAA finished with their fabrications adjustments.

Figuratively, with a few strokes of the keyboard, NOAA manipulated the long-standing historical climate records in order to present needed “evidence” that fits with the political agenda.

Unfortunately for the reputation and credibility of science, this style of empirical evidence falsification is widespread, with government climate “scientists” leading the way it would appear.

I just wish it would warm a tad more. Two-thirds of Australias warming due to “adjustments” — according to 84 historic stations

1954 Yearbook Brisbane

Here’s an update to the digging through our historic records we discussed a month ago, we can now include nearly twice the stations and the difference between temperatures originally recorded 100 years ago and temperatures today are even smaller.

Chris Gillham has been working with CSIR documents and official Commonwealth Year Books. Last month he used the 1953 Year Book which contained 44 weather station averages for 1911-40 to compare with 2000-14 temperatures, but has since discovered that the 1954 Year Book provides an additional 40 stations with 1911-40 data. The average rise in mean temperatures across all 84 weather stations around Australia over the last 70 years of global warming is about 0.3C. This larger dataset suggests as much as two thirds of the current official trend in Australian warming was due to post hoc adjustments, not heat recorded by thermometers.

These historic temperatures were calculated by the best scientists of the day, using the best equipment of the era (the same Stevenson Screen we use now). Yet again, global warming appears to have a “man-made” contribution. Far more important than CO2 is man-made “pollution” called homogenisation.

When doubling the recorded trend makes “No difference”

Bear in mind – some adjustments are necessary because raw is not automatically right. Stations have moved. But the Australian Met bureau can’t explain why all these adjustments are necessary, and indeed still claims the adjustments make no difference to the trend when clearly they do. Ken Stewart heard Dr Vertussy, the Director of the Bureau of Met (BoM), claim on radio last week that the adjustments make “no difference at all”. We look forward to Dr Vertussy’s reply.

And then there is the bizarreness of the half a degree adjusted cooling that occurs in these historic records when modern screens are much more likely to be near tarmac, bitumen, jumbo jets and 15 storey apartment blocks. The Urban Heat Island effect means that modern temperatures are artificially elevated in city CBDs by as much as 5- 7 C, with tests also showing several degrees of UHI at regional weather stations. So we have the paradox that the old records near dirt roads and horse drawn carriages were apparently reading artificially warm compared to thermometers today near roads with 10,000 internal combustion engines passing daily. […] Read it all

More fudging proof: NCDC Hiding The Decline In US Temperatures By Data Tampering

US thermometer data used by the National Climatic Data Center, shows that afternoon temperatures have dropped sharply over the past 95 years. This doesn’t suit their global warming agenda or funding needs, so they simply alter the data to make the long-term US cooling trend appear to be warming, and release the altered data to the public.

USHCNReportedVsMeasured Reported : ushcn.tmax.latest.FLs.52i.tar.gz
Measured : ushcn.tmax.latest.raw.tar.gz

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