the ‘evil’ genius of the Hon Christopher Pyne …

Dr Bjorn Lomborg, an economics Professor and believer in AGW, is vilified by the Green/Left AGW ideologues, along with the Hon Christopher Pyne, Education Minister, and the Abbott Government for delivering $4million to UWA to employ him.

The sacred gravy train is under attack. (3 4 5, 6 updates below)

UWA has joined the climate denial camp, establishing the so-called “consensus centre” headed up Bjorn Lomborg. The Abbott Government is imposing deep cuts to education spending but can find $4 million for this. UWA: What are you thinking? If you are as ashamed & alarmed as I am, send them a message:
(08) 6488 6000 or UWA, 35 Stirling Highway Crawley WA 6009

Senator Rachel Siewert's photo.

How dictatorial of the Senator.

This is the job description that so panics the left, “The university’s vice-chancellor, Professor Paul Johnson, said Dr Lomborg’s centre “will become the go-to place for useful economic research to inform the national and international debate”.”

They should join Dr Lomborg’s research instead, quick, before the gravy boat has sailed, hehe.

The bait is taken, and this report goes world wide web,

[…] Former chief commissioner of the defunct Climate Commission, Tim Flannery and his private climate council seem furious over the Lomborg grant, calling it:

A $4 million dollar insult to the scientific community

He can talk, after the State Government’s blew billions of dollars on mothballed, unused, desalination plants on Flannery’s pronouncements of permanent drought.

It’s a food fight:

To the left, even  the eminent Professor Dyson and Dr Bjorn Lomborg  are less believable than the clueless Waleed (Andrew Bolt):


Waleed breaks down Australia’s renewable energy target and why YOU should care ‪#‎TheProjectTV‬
UPDATE: Want to do more? Send an email to your MP!

Gosh, that’s a lot of ideologues. Their gravy train may just come to a halt after this hysterical reaction to an economic research Consensus Centre at UWA. Minister Pyne, you are a genius.

Revelations that the Federal Government allocated $4 million in funding to climate contrarian Dr Bjorn Limborg for a “consensus centre” has sparked calls for…

Panic from SMH. So much, they got his name wrong. It’s Lomborg.

Update. An ex-politician shows his class, and his literature skills:

The hypocrisy is astonishing.

Update 3, of course/sarc:

WTF…. did he what?????????? totally over the self serving twots who are saying that there is no climate change and that we can not do something about it… drop your fecking egos and get on board… For F’s Sake….and for the sake of our planet… stop being unconscious resource zapping twot heads… I am watching as over zealous market gardeners are raping the soil and water supplies in our area and watching the eco system change as they grab more and more land and with

See More

Frank Obrien's photo.

Update 4, insanity prevails, at The Climate Council:

The Government just announced a $4 million dollar contribution for Danish climate contrarian Bjorn Lomborg to establish a new “consensus centre” at UWA.

The Climate Commission, which was composed of Australia’s best climate scientists, economists and energy experts, was abolished on the basis of a lack of funding and yet here we are three years later and the money has become available to import a politically-motivated think tank to work in the same space.

Please help us share this widely.

OK, I’ll do it, here:

From the public purse.
  • Angela Buckley Oh yes great !…kick all of our scientist’s from the CSIRO out of work and spend 4 Million dollars to bring this clown to town…


  • James Forbes 4 m on this joker 1b on fighter jets & 10b to the reserve bank. I’m sure there’s a list as long as your arm. Where exactly does this budget emergency apply? Oh that’s right: the poor and disenfranchised .


  •  Kate Thomson Very disappointed in the University of Western Australia too


  •  Paul Turner It’s no joke. This government is conducting an all-out assault on Australia. It needs to be shut down immediately.


  • Simon Krarup It is right though, it’s an insult to the scientific community. In an era where we take everything for granted, we question our experts openly (vaccination and climate change) yet follow our politicians blindly.


  • Murray Johnson We are being led by morons to a very dark future.
  • Jeremy Bowell Consensus Centre? At least they got the first syllable right…
  • Liza Allen This is outrageous and offensive to all taxpayers who contributed to your crowd funding efforts. How far backwards will this govt take us. Shame LNP and where are the ALP on this issue, I want to see the senate take serious action here. Do not pass See More
  • Loretta Rigby denial of science – this man has been discredited many times – he supports continued pollution & further environmental decline
  • Andrew Rhodes Next, $4m each for the Flat Earth Society and the creationists.
  • Gary McGuigan it isn’t a joke, it is bloody criminal.
  • Ian Banner So our chief clown has bought another clown….and the circus grows.
  • Kassandal Toohey No joke. I’m appalled and genuinely worried about the society we are living in that discredits real science and allows the science deniers free rein


  • Lainie Sampson I am so worried about what this dick head is doing to our country – he is destroying everything – – schools – hospitals and our whole way of life – not to mention our poor farmers trying to compete with imported old food . Suddenly he knows more than scientists now – he only needs to look out the window to see climate extremes
  • Ralph Moore Typical, just like funding Christian faith based counselling services for couples with relationship problems. Absolutely no evidence for effectiveness


  • Jemima Wakefield Barefaced political bias and taking the public for idiots. Make a big fuss – NOW
  • Sharon O’Neill Shared. So annoyed (and embarrassed) at this news.
  • Mark Smith We can’t find money for Aboriginal legal aid and we can find money for this prick who has sold his sole to the fossil fuel industry and sold out humanity



  • Abby Gee Since when was Australia so painfully corrupt? Facts not opinions are the only thing we should base our decisions on. The funding propaganda shows just how far off track we’ve let our country drift.
  • Joanne Brakels they really seem to be systematically cutting this country apart destroying everything they touch we need to get rid of them asap wake up you liberal voters just look what they are doing
  • Ed Lekawski it’s clear that Dickhead has learned nothing since his February near-death experience. Jeezuz, who will deliver us from his ongoing stupidity?
  • Ben Duigu Breaking news: PM adds new Ministery of Alchemy to further Australia’s standing in the global community in science.



  • Peter Jenkins This is a disgrace and an insult to Australian scientists. Our “minister for science” should be standing up for science not ridiculing it.
  • Eden Dietrich Tax payers of Australia! Is this what you want?
  • Greg D’Arcy This government truly sucks
  • Mark D’Astoli ok, when does armed resistance become duty?
  • Thom Starling I’d trust a Danish pastry to have a better take on Climate Change than this clown.
  • Iago Ran a joke
  • Tristan Ash Good work UWA. As if you weren’t already the laughing stock of Australia unis
  • Roger Douglas This clown is a proven ‘No cred’ scientific illiterate phoney. A stuge for our right wing christian corporate luddite Govt. The latest iteration of professional denialist dickheads!
  • Phillip A. Mayer Ahhh this government are nothing but corrupt scum .. Social and environmental vandals …
  • Kelly Trubuil What a joke of a govt we have. Disappointment after disappointment.
  • David Mounier Abbot is a dickhead.
  • Gabrielle Crook Unbelievable
  • Byron Smith Having abolished the Climate Commission due to a “budget emergency” that required every last dollar to be accounted for, the federal Coalition government is now spending basically the same amount of money to establish a centre for infamous climate contSee More
  • Roger Page time for thes grubs to be made accountable for all their bad decisions and feathering thier own pockets
  • Christine McCoy Shocking and annoying! What can we do about it??!?
  • Lorenzo Di Berardino How to make Australia a ridicoulus country….
  • Antonia Mocatta This is a criminal waste of taxpayer funds in support of some charlatan that happens conveniently to concur with the views of Abbott and his coal mining sponsors. These funds would be better spent on legitimate CSIRO scientists and climate change mitigation strategies.


  • Jane Irene Keogh So the government doesn’t like the truth about climate change so it pays our tax money to bring in an “expert” to say not to spend money on renewables but to spend it on other world problems? What’s the bet this government will NEVER spend it on addressing world problems. WE need to boycott this appontment and stnd up for our own scientists and credible world experts.

Now that’s a lot of hypocritical ideologues, damned by their own words. We now have a list of names, says a commenter at Jonova, and another, Dennis said. “Any mention of the $100 million former PM Gillard granted to the University of South Australia in Adelaide in return for an honorary doctorate? Or the $300 million she granted to a UN education fund where she is now a board member?”

Update 5, another Green Senator, and the ‘Grauniad’:

Bjorn Lomborg will be given money from the hard-pressed federal budget to set up a ‘consensus centre’ at the University of Western Australia|By Lenore Taylor

Another hypocrite or two!

Update6, the hypocrites keep publishing:

First Dog On The Moon's photo.

Attention Scientists! Tony found some science money! They are hiring at the Climate Change Consensus Centre –…/no-cranks-allowed-at-abbotts-c…


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  2. john namnik says:

    What? None of the above eminent persons above has accused Abbott of making this appointment just after skolling a beer?

  3. Glen Michel says:

    They are legion and they be brainwashed fools.Emotions ride high when one is vacuous and bereft of knowledge.

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