warming wanted …

Prefer the warmer climates myself. China has prospered during warm periods, yet suffered when cold: Two Millennia of Climate Change & the Fiscal Well-Being of China (13 April 2015)
During relatively warm periods, the fiscal climate in China has generally been good, while in relatively cold periods it has generally been, well, not-so-good…

Iceland wants the warmth too:

“With a warming climate, new and exciting opportunities are created: increased grain production, tree farming and more diverse domestic food production, which is part of enforcing Icelandic agriculture,” the draft resolution reads (in Icelandic).


British school-children are taught to believe that global warming will be an unmitigated disaster: soaring temperatures will turn out green and pleasant…

Now, where did that warming disappear to:

offset 0.05

RSS Shows No Warming For 15 Years (Now Includes February Data)

Guest Post by Werner Brozek, Edited by Just The Facts: In the above graphic, the zero line from February 2000 has been offset to make it visible. It actually falls right on top of the zero trend line from December 1996. The title may seem odd since RSS shows no trend for 18 years and…

About Tom Harley

Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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