“no specific moral virtues” …

[…] Alinsky tactics were designed most importantly to make bourgeois society live up to its core values. This it could do because conservatives actually do have values. The left, however, has none, only tactics. The left stands for no specific moral virtues which are based on self-restraint and personal responsibility. Nothing the left ever seeks can be found, for example, in The Ten Commandments. Charity is a Judeo-Christian virtue, not a socialist virtue. Socialism seeks redistribution instead, which is theft and plunder, but pretends it is doing so in the name of equity and justice. It has no clue how to create value, nor does it have a set of values to base one’s life.

An Alinsky tactic is to lie on behalf of some socialist enterprise. The left should have this meaning of Alinsky tied to every pore of its misbegotten philosophy of hatred and destruction.

Economics Professor Steve Kates has got it right here, the media’s antagonistic reporting shows them up for what they have become, Alinsky-ites themselves. He also refers to this statement:

[…] This is from Steve Hayward at Powerline, The Alinksy Way of Governing. There he wrote:

My School of Public Policy colleague (and top statewide GOP vote-getter in California last November) Pete Peterson has a nice piece in today’s Wall Street Journal on “The Alinsky Way of Governing” that details the degrading effect Alinskyist politics is having on today’s generation of liberals. (Keep in mind that Hillary Clinton wrote her senior thesis at Wellesley on the greatness of Alinsky.)

Read it all at Catallaxy Files.


The media’s recent attacks on Tony Abbott, Prime Minister have not let up since before he became prime Minister. Even Alinsky would be baffled by these outbursts, made before the last election:

I guess the media are all disciples of Saul Alinsky: https://i1.wp.com/www.cassandratimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Saul-Alinsky.jpg

Update, Professor Sloan has also covered the Alinsky agenda this week: Salem witch-hunts Part II: Alinsky style

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