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A reply to a question about changing minds, becomes a discussion between electrical engineers, physicists, meteorologists and more fascinating reading about feed-backs, pauses and gains, only part understanding, but the conclusions are easily understood. The banter is easy and funny, it’s getting first through the flurry of trolls at the beginning of comments and the dedicated troll destroyers who have then gone to bed, the conversation and debate is what I look forward to each day.

Posts like the one below has over 300 comments, from the trolls at the start to the PHD’s and others along the way, always have a lot of great links to video interviews, even of the most senior  of them all:


How to convince a climate skeptic he’s wrong


Professor Dyson:

Here is a good interview with the esteemed Freeman Dyson from the rather left leaning Vancouver (Canada) Sun. In it he says that models are wrong, and warming is good.

I am convinced. I am a ‘denier’. Like Professor Dyson. James Lovelock and Professor Lennart Bengtsson too.

Professor Myles Allen must be a ‘denier’ too, he called CAGW “a con”.

I borrowed this cartoon from a comment, thanks, MaxPhoton:

(One of my all-time favorites.)

I only became a ‘denier’ since the computer age began in 2000 for me, and the amusement and knowledge I get from listening to or reading input by the excellent science and meteorological practitioners on blogs like WUWT, Watts Up With That?, occasionally some input of my own,   Climate Audit and Jonova and friends. Many of them must be called ‘deniers’ too of course.

Update, today, here’s another ‘denier’, so I am in good company: Nils-Axel Morner Interview


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