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Some interesting graphs and surprises. Followed below with the most devastating news.


Archived color maps of local temperature anomalies are available on-line at:

You can see where the last cyclone swathed a path for a second this week, to cool the West Coast of Australia. Warwick Hughes checked the original BoM forecast for March, then wrote this: Australian Bureau of Meteorology March temperature Outlooks turned out to be laughable failures.  Warwick has more, go and see the graphs.

BoM’s sea surface ‘looped’ temperature series is colour-distracted, especially to a colour blind reader like myself, but here goes:

North Western Australia
Cocos (Keeling) Islands Christmas Island

Interesting, the effects of near cyclone and cyclone distribution can be noticed.

Joe Bastardi has the best graphs.

May even have the most accurate forecasts, too:

 […]  For me, this debate is far from settled. And it’s the atmosphere that should settle it, not agendas.

Now, I ask people who don’t see things my way: Is there anything that can challenge your position on this? If not, then your position is dogma, very different from what is needed to strive for the correct idea on this matter.

Now for the C3 headline scoop of the week day year Official Fake Temperatures By Climate Agencies: The Temperature Fabrication Issue Bigger Than Thought

“Consensus” climate science temperature adjustments by various national climate agencies has pretty much destroyed the credibility of government funded climate researchers…currently, it has gotten so bad that hardly anyone takes seriously the predictions of the climate-doomsday cult…in fact, the only remaining believers are the die-hard fringe cult leaders who prosper nicely from doing so…..

Recent examinations by analysts Paul Homewood, Tony Heller and others confirm that a wide variety of official temperature datasets  have been excessively manipulated by climate “scientists” – to the point where policymakers can no longer be sure if climate records can be trusted.

The blatant temperature manipulation perpetrated on the public has been, for the most part, an esoteric issue discussed by individuals familiar with temperature record analyses. (Peer reviewed research indicates that the fake-warming likely represents 25 to 50% of reported global warming by the climate agencies.)

In the past, the mainstream press  essentially ignored the anti-science temperature record fabrications, but no longer.

And as this cartoon indicates, the consensus science establishment is being mocked for the exposed temperature lies.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all could just trust what the establishment science states about actual climate temperature changes and trends? But we can’t, as they have categorically proven to be driven by agendas other than scientific truth. One just needs to connect-the-dots, so to speak, to discern what is really happening.

Indeed, the preponderance of evidence from the officially manipulated temperature datasets indicates fabricated cooling adjustments being applied to periods pre-1980 and a fabricated warming since 1980.

Examples of documented questionable climate record adjusting by the climate agency officials are not hard to find: Melbourne, U.S. western areas, 1997 global versus 2014, winter 2014, U.S corn belt, Texas winter temps, Paraguay, Africa, Iceland, GISS land temps, northern hemisphere pre-1940, Alice Springs (Australia), Bolivia, U.S. temperature trends, Arctic adjustments, Antarctica, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, and many others.

The net effect of the joint cooling and warming adjustments appears to be two-fold in support of the UN/IPCC political science political “science” agenda.

One, the overall warming trend is enhanced, which is then attributed to increased CO2 by the government agency scientists, versus stating that their underlying temp adjustments were the real “enhancement” cause. Two, bureaucrats (both transnational and national), politicians and journalists demand global warming/climate change talking points – thus the creation of higher (i.e. warmer) current temps than any temperatures exhibited earlier in the 20th century.

One of the unintended and humorous consequences of climate record fabrications has been the nonsensical and irrational explanations as to why enhanced global warming is producing colder and more severe winters. The faux-warming has now necessitated the fabrication of new global warming capabilities that are entirely inconsistent with known weather physics and history.

Recent winter weather examples that have caused CAGW alarmists to expose their anti-science rationales include:

Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Halifax, Crimea, New Brunswick, Newark, Prince Edward Island, Boston, Italy, Wales, Mexico, India, Cape Cod, Bulgaria, Delaware, Balkans, Ohio, Pyrenees, Ontario, Europe, Kentucky, Indiana, France, Texas, Seattle, Tibet, Afghanistan, Buffalo, Great Lakes, Japan, Southern California, Iowa, New York, New Mexico, Montreal and even Cuba.

Unfortunately, the anti-science of climate science will continue since it appears to be prerequisite of research funding – in simple words, scientists are forced to support the consensus green political agenda in order to survive and thrive.

All sorts of graphs at C3headlines. This post has the most devastating sets of graphs at every link. BoM will be devastated.

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