media silence …

What the heck? Is this true?

A German news website claims Andreas Lubitz was a Muslim convert. reported:

Facebook page.

Another Facebook page was set up=> Support for Andrew Lubitz, hero of the Islamic State.
(The Facebook page has since been taken down)

But Pamela Geller captured a screengrab of the page before it was removed.
lubitz facebook muslim page

A close friend of Andreas Lubitz says he was mentally unstable.

‘Aint that the truth. Of course, the ‘Islamic State’ are dedicated to the truth/sarc. (1 like?)

(Gateway Pundit)

Update: #NotAllMuslims Plot To Join ISIS, Kill Americans, Etc.

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5 Responses to media silence …

  1. jmsabbagh says:

    That will make Mr .Obama administration embarrassed in front the whole world,from the first minute of the tragedy This administration said the disaster apparently has nothing to do with terrorism or Islamic extremism.

  2. john namnik says:

    Also was posted on The Muslim Issue. I think its posted by a troll opportunist.

  3. Recognize the investigation is ongoing, but why are officials downplaying what his religion was in a world dealing with religious terrorism daily and why are the police reporting there’s nothing in the note he left behind but not releasing it? These actions make one think they have something to hide.

  4. Tom Harley says:

    Update: WEEKLY STANDARD: The Germanwings Co-pilot’s Non-Existent ‘Muslim Conversion.’ “Given the orientation of the site and reports that Germanwings 9525 was intentionally crashed by the co-pilot, it is hardly surprising that commentators on Politically Incorrect would speculate about whether Lubitz was a Muslim. Reference was made in particular to a blog post by a site regular named Michael Mannheimer. Mannheimer’s post contains no evidence that Lubitz was a Muslim convert, but just more speculation. Mannheimer’s conjecture is based on such apparently suspicious details as the fact that Lubitz did flight training in Bremen and Bremen is also home to a mosque known for its radicalism. In fairness to Politically Incorrect, it should be noted that several commentators on the site have themselves rejected the speculations in Mannheimer’s post as unfounded.”

  5. Thanks for the clarification as there appeared to be considerable chatter online about his alleged recent conversion to Islam. Some of the mainstream media articles begged the obvious religious question. Still not understanding why the reported note left behind was not made public considering the number of lives lost. Admittedly, it may have been personal, not relevant, or too early in the investigation, but then the officials should have formally stated that for the record.

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