the ‘coldening’ … meets the “manure pile”

Apologies from  Tim Blair for the choice of title, but it fits, like a glove. The coldening:

NASA Expert’s Over-The-Top Global Warming Hysteria? ‘Uh….It’s Dead, Jim’

Winter can be sooo cruel…especially for scientists who have long immersed themselves in the pile of manure that CO2 CAGW hysteria represents…good news, though!…NASA and James Hansen have a fallback position…namely, the previous climate hysteria predictions they and the press were pushing on Congress and the public…..

NASA james hansen co2 global warming US winter 2015 030215

(click on chart to enlarge)

This updated NOAA U.S. temperature map is a stark reminder of the incredibly cold climate that northern and eastern areas of the US have recently experienced. The bitter cold, in particular, impacted those regions east of the Mississippi River, with states butting up against Canada taking the brunt.

It’s also a reminder of those predictions by NASA experts and computer models, as promulgated during 1988 congressional testimony, that accelerated global warming would significantly impact the U.S., with many “experts” then claiming our future was one of warmer winters and no snow.

More to that point is the adjacent chart of US Nov/Dec/Jan temperatures (28 years) and trends since that 1988 testimony. It represents the following 8 states: Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine (all these states are east of the Mississippi and share a border with Canada).

To summarize the chart essentials:

1. Winter temperatures (Nov/Dec/Jan) exhibit  a strong variability (the blue columns). Clearly, increasing atmospheric CO2 levels during this period has not caused ever-warmer winters.

2. Many of the winters are below the 1988 average of 27.58°F, including the winters of 2014 and 2015. (see blue dashed line)

3. Despite the very warm winter of 2002, the overall warming trend (orange curves) of winter temperatures has collapsed to a cooling trend of -5.7°F. There is no escaping the obvious NOAA empirical evidence that greenhouse gases are not producing the predicted accelerated warming.

4. The 10-year average winter temperature (the green curve) peaked in 2007 from a low experienced in 1989. Without any doubt, those few very exceptional warm winters (5 of the 28 winter datapoints) have definitely moved the average up. With that said, since 2007 it has declined slightly.

Is the U.S. just a rare anomaly where a cooling winter trend, not warming, is happening? Unfortunately, for the public and CAGW-scientists, regions with cooling trends are becoming more common.

Additional current empirical evidence that CO2 does not cause dangerous “warming” winters:

Additional regional and global temperature charts.

Note: Source of dataset for 8-state winter temperature chart produced by Excel. Using Excel calculated the 8-state winter months average; the 10-year trends and averages that begin with year 1988 on the chart used U.S. winter (Nov/Jan/Dec) temperature data starting with November 1979. The 1988 blue-diamond column on chart represents year of James Hansen global warming testimony.

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