“unsustainable and dysfunctional”? …

The hyperventilating media are at it again. Abbott Derangement Syndrome has taken hold of many  ‘journalists” minds. Self projection is epidemic.

At least there are a couple that are not so badly uninfected, but …

[…] In the four Labor years to 2012-13, government funding for Aborigines went up by an astonishing 10.4 per cent per person, yet by most measures in the latest “Closing the Gap” report Aboriginal welfare went backwards or nowhere:


More money, worse results. The problem is not the funding but the culture.

Aboriginal “leaders” fail. Stan Grant does not


Ray Martin is no conservative, yet he, too, agrees with Tony Abbott. From his Triple M interview this morning:

This is a debate we’re going to have to have…a political hot potato I think, it’s going to be ugly, it’s going to be confrontational.

It’s almost unviable, it’s almost unsustainable to have these tiny communities out there that are so dysfunctional.

They are communities of sickness….

The truth is Tony Abbott knows more about this than any other Prime Minister I‘ve seen in my life time – he’s been out to these places he’s aware of what goes on.

Yet journalists prefer to smash Abbott than engage in the issue he raises – one critical to the future of so many Aboriginal children.

I hear journalists – like Barrie Cassidy and Jon Faine on the ABC this morning – actually concede we need to discuss this, but then spend the entire discussion bagging Abbott instead.

What’s more important to them: attacking Abbott or joining the important discussion on Aboriginal children which they admit we need and Abbott raised?

Facebook is in revolt, self projectionists everywhere, exclusively of the ideological left. Why, is the tap being turned off the ‘pocket-lining’ bureaucracy? I hope so.

The “Gammon Man “

The Prime Minister is derided as ‘The Gammon Man’, says indigenous politician.
  • Tom Harley Name calling is bullying, and self projection is the meme … Pictured is Gillard’s Captain’s pick, Senator Nova-Peris.
Tony Abbott says living in remote communities is a ‘lifestyle choice’. For the thousands of Indigenous people who actually live in them, it’s a matter of life and…
theguardian.com|By Calla Wahlquist

I wouldn’t believe anything the Guardian reports on, ever.


Closing remote Aboriginal communities in Australia and moving Aboriginal people into the cities will cause displacement and discourse. Aboriginal people have lived…


  • Samia Goudie Stupid beyond belief sadly expected from this idiot whose name is Abott the prick


Tom Harley Still projecting yourself. That’s what bullies do, call names.

Another far left group, change.org.

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