chemical frogs …

It’s not the chemicals. The threat to frogs from chemical use is just not there, says this latest. Researchers had refused to publish inconvenient data:

Photo of Alex Avery

Frog-pocalypse Not: Amphibians And Atrazine

Director of Research, Center for Global Food Issues
A UC Berkeley scientist sat on data for years

[…] So all the while a public policy debate raged that held the fate of an entire industry in limbo, these researchers just sat on their data and continued to falsely insinuate that atrazine played a key role in “global amphibian declines.”

I had a lengthy email exchange with Dr. Hayes back in January of 2005, just as this controversy started raging. My key question over the course of nearly a dozen emails was the relevance of his lab observations to wild frogs. Hayes blustered his way around the question, hiding behind the “it’s complex” excuse and abruptly ending our exchange.

(Daily Caller)

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