Obama’s Harvard bundler buddy, busted …

Chevron finally wins. Activists have been dogging the Company for years over it’s Ecuador operations, now it’s come back to bite, and hard.

Financial backer of Chevron Shakedown abandons ship, settles in court

Feb 17, 2015 6:01 PM by Jazz Shaw

“I was misled”

The dawn of 2015 has proved to be a busy period in the Great Chevron Shakedown case. Having already beaten the Ecuadorian officials who began it and the environmental activists in the United States who supported it, Chevron went after New York attorney Steven Donziger. That unfortunate soul was eventually found liable for RICO violations, but the action hasn’t stopped yet. Now one of the “investors” who backed the cost of the extensive, fraudulent attempt to pick the energy giant’s pockets in exchange for a cut of the proceeds has had to settle in court, abandoning his long time friend Donziger and admitting that he had been “misled” into a fraudulent exercise.

Facebook activists were hammering Chevron over the false charges, costing the company billions in lost business. About time the fraudsters were hit in their own pocket. Misled? Sure he was/sarc.

Three years ago, this post on catching the fraud stands out.

[…] Sounds like a criminal enterprise to extort, right? That’s what Chevron thinks, and it’s why they’re suing under RICO.

In addition to being sued, Maest’s work (if that’s what you want to call it) was thouroughly debunked by another team of scientists.

It is hardly a surprise that Donziger is an old Harvard buddy of, you guessed it, President Obama. What’s really surprising is that here we have a National Academy of Science member caught red-handed agreeing to make up data, and our government wants to give her more business.mont_royal_cross_greenpeace

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