Labor’s dole-bludgers and gatecrashers …

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is wanting to return to this: “it was Labor, with the encouragement of The Age itself, which destroyed our border laws, lured over the boats, filled the detention centres, encouraged 1200 drownings and had 10 times more children locked up than the Liberals do today. And which gave us 50,000 gatecrashers and a bill of $10 billion.” […]

The Age even repeats as the gospel truth the HRC’s astonishing verballing of Scott Morrison:

The Human Rights Commission inquiry that led to its report questioned both the former Labor immigration minister Chris Bowen, and Mr Morrison as the then minister. Both agreed on oath that holding children in detention did not deter asylum seekers or people smugglers.

False. But what does The Age care about facts – or dead boat people?

Some others they let in, and fast tracked their citizenship: […]

TWO alleged terrorists ­accused of being hours from attempting a public beheading trained as body builders and boasted that they acted for “soldiers of Islamic State”.*

Omar al-Kutobi, 24, and Mohammad Kiad, 25, who is on the dole, had flown under the radar…
Social media also depicted Kiad, a nurse from Kuwait unable to transfer his qualifications to Australia, as a lover of luxury labels such as Dolce & Gabbana and Rolex…

The Daily Telegraph can ­reveal that [the two men] came to Australia as refugees under the former Labor government…

Omar al-Kutobi, 24, arrived in Australia by plane in 2009 as an Iraqi national using another person’s passport, a senior intelligence source has confirmed to The Daily Telegraph. They also confirmed that he was granted a protection visa soon after and that he was then granted citizenship in 2013…

It was also confirmed that the second man charged, Mohammad Kiad, entered Australia in 2012. He was granted a visa under the family and spousal visa arrangements. Kiad was receiving welfare, a Newstart allowance, at the time of his arrest. It is believed he applied for and was granted welfare within 12 months of arriving in Australia.

Al-Kutobi had also previously been on a Newstart ­allowance.


Tony Abbott in Parliament describes the video the two men allegedly made:

At least.

Refugee deterrents or Labor politicians?

Refugee deterrents or Labor politicians?

*Dolebludgers: A word common in Australia, but unrecognized by Microsoft. A person who collects the dole to pay for his recreation, but in the Labor Party, it also pays for their activism terrorism.

Not forgetting who the real refugees are.

Update, Hehehehe: NSW Labor – getting a bit weird on Valentine’s Day

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