Obama surrenders …

After ‘winning’ in Yemen, Obama surrenders, orders marines to surrender weapons. What next, give Israel up?

The third embassy lost.

Obama is traveling a week behind the news cycle: Israel and Egypt forewarned of synchronized ISIS-Sinai assaults in both countries

Yikes: Syrian army tears through the south to sweep Iran and Hizballah up to Israel’s Golan doorstep

It’s worse, He’s switched sides: DEBKAfileExclusive AnalysisFeb 8, 2015, 7:55 PM (IDT)

Victorious Houthi fighters in downtown Sanaa

The strings of the pro-Iranian Houthi rebels’ coup which toppled the Yemeni government in Sanaa were pulled from Tehran and Washington. DEBKAfile report.

I was going to tag as comedy, as I could see things breaking this way weeks ago, like a lot of people. It’s tragic.

What next, a coup in Washington/sarc.

Kerry saluting Obama

Kerry saluting Obama

Update, the compulsive liars must be a joke in middle east circles.  Glenn Reynolds   :

THE DIPLOMAD ON Brian Williams And Lying Journalists In General. “There is something in the progressive mind-set that promotes, nay, requires compulsive lying. We see it in John Kerry and his fake stories of secret missions in Cambodia and his flying dog; Hillary Clinton, and her Bosnian snipers; Susan Rice and her video explanation for Benghazi; Eric Holder with Fast and Furious; and even FDR. . . . Your standard progressive activist has really done nothing very interesting, so he or she needs to get proper credentials, to show that he or she knows what’s what, and that progressivism is what the world needs to deal with “problems”–after all, isn’t life just a series of problems calling for progressive intervention? They want to see what they believe. We, hence, have progressives making up the sort of stuff that puts them, the elite, in the center of the battle, on the ramparts, in the muddy trenches and downed helicopters with the common schlubs–the sort of worldly experience that allows progressives to tell us how to live our lives. Telling lies is essential to progressivism.”

Update: Is Obama a Manchurian Candidate?

by Roger L Simon

Not only the worst president in the history of our country, but the worst person to be president.

Read more: http://pjmedia.com/#ixzz3SGjai02B

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  1. Obama is a coward, Kerry is a suck ass!

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