vaccines, global warming and frakking … ‘the agenda’, faith and science

 […] Hydraulic fracturing is as safe as any other means of extracting fossil fuels. It creates hundreds of thousands of jobs. It provides cheaper energy for millions of Americans. It has less of an environmental impact than other processes. It means less dependency on foreign oil. It helped the economy work its way out of a recession. So 62 percent of Republicans support science, and 59 percent of Democrats oppose it. Numerous scientific studies – one funded by the National Science Foundation, which debunked the purported link between groundwater pollution and fracking – have assured us that there’s nothing to fear.

While trying to call conservatives ‘anti-science’, the ‘left’ opened the floodgates of their own anti-science agenda. Projecting their own failings is a common social media happening.

It doesn’t end there. What are we to make of people who mock religion as imaginary but believe an astrological sign should determine whom you date or are concerned that they will be whisked away in a flying saucer? According to a HuffPost/YouGov poll, 48 percent of adults in the United States believe that alien spacecraft are observing our planet right now. Among those who do believe extraterrestrials are hanging around, 69 percent are Democrats. Democrats are also significantly likelier than Republicans to believe in fortunetelling and about twice as likely to believe in astrology. I won’t even get into 9/11 truthers.

For many conservatives, resolving issues of faith and science can be tricky. What excuse do Democrats have? Maybe someone at The New York Times can find out.

(Via Greenie Watch)

Which gets me here, Greenpeace fails the Green test.

How green and peaceful really is Greenpeace?

Cartoon: Greenpeace? (medium) by Butschkow tagged wohltätigkeit …

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1 Response to vaccines, global warming and frakking … ‘the agenda’, faith and science

  1. jonolan says:

    To be fair, most of the anecdotes that are used to attack fracking and, resultantly, most of the specific complaints about fracking center around fracking for natural gas in previously untapped areas. That’s a lot different from the far more common practice of fracking for oil in already played out for older technology well fields.

    As for all the rest – It comes down to whose and which “science” any person supports.

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