Discovery Science is fiction …

You know your argument in support of increasing CO2 is right when the Discovery Science Channel, in a show titled “Secrets of the Universe” resorts to comparing a future Earth to Venus and suggesting Earth will go down that Globull Warming path with rising CO2 emissions. It was on last night again, had to switch channels, again, my bulls*** meter was reading high.

This post and WUWT debunked that story years ago: Hyperventilating on Venus

Physicist Lubos Motl has this post: Global warming on other planets, which the Discovery producers haven’t seen. Not the agenda!

So Discovery Science now goes the way of Scientific American, New Scientist and Nature as junk. Other Discovery and Animal Planet channels are still chasing Bigfoots, Snowmen and Mermaids.

Perhaps I should seek true stories on the Scifi channel. Venus – One More Time

It must be James Hansen feeding them rubbish: Hansen : “We knew that carbon dioxide determined the climate on Mars and Venus”

Earth to Jim, both planets have 95% CO2. Venus is hot, Mars is cold. Page xv Hansen imagines himself to be a savior.

The anti science issue.

Ultraviolet image of Venus’ clouds as seen by the Pioneer Venus …

500 x 536 · 30 kB · jpeg

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