trolling the climate language …

Denying efficient and cheap electricity for the third world should condemn these scaremongers to the hottest place they seem to think we are going, and leave the rest of us to help the poor countries develop their way out of poverty with cheap energy. Climate Depot reports:  Claim: ‘Abrupt Climate Change’ is ‘already here’: ‘The world could turn nearly uninhabitable within current lifetimes’


Is there a solution?

Yes, there may be solutions but according to these scientists, a sense of urgency matters more than anything at this late hour.

Paul Beckwith is one of the scientific pioneers, an advocate, a researcher, and member of AMEG, co-founded by Peter Wadhams, professor of Ocean Physics, University of Cambridge.

Beckwith: “We have to slash emissions there’s no question, slash the CO2 emissions and quickly, but that’s not sufficient. We also have to cool the Arctic, and we also have to try to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.” […]

“Cool the Arctic”? Seriously? Or, move to where it’s ‘uninhabitably’ cold now, Siberia or Antarctica will do.

I just wish it would warm some more, seeing as at least 13 have died shoveling snow in the Eastern US so far this year. Maybe they mean ‘Abrupt Climate Change’ is ‘coldening’, and not ‘Global Warming’. Shoveling Snow Leads To Death. Part 1 of 2 | Amanda …

The message isn’t getting through apparently:

Climate Communication Undermined by Inflammatory Language
Collide-a-scape – Kieth Kloor

I see warmist troll Appell is doing his best to foster the inflammatory language in comments.

The true story: After Another Record Snowfall, Greenland Approaches A Record For Mass Gain

Obama’s home turf:

ScreenHunter_6706 Feb. 02 09.51

Then you have  Norway and Greenland’s record cold: […]

ScreenHunter_6676 Feb. 01 23.36

The best place to send those warming scaremongers! What was that comment again? Cool the Arctic?

As for the comment “we also have to try to remove CO2 from the atmosphere”, the less said the better.

Update, here’s another: Climate Craziness of the Week: ‘climate denial is a form of murder’

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