“Green radicals taint all environmentalists” …

The radicals have tainted large portions of the science, and Professor Tol calls them out:

Richard Tol’s article on radical greens is a must-read:

There are now elements in the environmental movement who are so worried about the state of the planet that they have lost all sense of proportion. This is alarming for those at the receiving end of their mindless wrath. It does not help to protect the environment either. Just like Boko Haram does not endear anyone to Muslims, green radicals taint all environmentalists. But whereas Islamic leaders immediately distance themselves from any new outrage, environmental leaders pretend nothing happened.

This really deserves a wider audience.

Fabianism is their agenda: The new LEFT dictatorship…Fabianism

Caught out: Outed by FOIA – EPA strategy memo reveals deep flaws in the integrity of the agency, and lack of integrity of the press

It’s a religion … “The more one studies genuine science, the less one believes in global warming – or any other religion for that matter”.

a religious agenda

a religious agenda

Or this: post normal Lysenkoism = ‘warmism’ …

Global warming, ‘er, cooling ‘er climate disruption. What do they call it these days? AGW is just a phase of Lysenkoism: Lysenkoism and Global Warming Theory Continue reading

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