cooked books …

Examples have been found of the raw temperature being adjusted agenda-wise all over the world, not just in BoM’s Australia. Paul Homewood offers a catalogue of changes: Temperature Adjustments Around The World.

The full catalogue so far:


A lot more data tampering: A Fast Start At NCDC

Our friends at the National Climatic Data Center are poised to break data tampering records again this year. Through January 28, they are fabricating more than 50% of their station data, with an average upwards adjustment of 1.0F

ScreenHunter_6520 Jan. 29 08.32

ScreenHunter_6521 Jan. 29 08.32

These numbers will go down as more raw data is received, but it shows how their data tampering algorithms are strongly biased towards creating warming. The more missing data, they more they cheat.

Update, Goddard, again:

gissustemperature1999-2001-2015 (1)

The TOBS adjustment did not change between the 1990’s USHCN V1 and the current V2. They can’t use Time Of Observation Bias as an excuse for this data tampering.

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