fairy-tales and data-busters …

Hottest year ever?

Not on your Nelly. Now I don’t know where that word came from, but ‘no chance’ will do. Not unless you defraud the temperature books. Twenty seven million Pinocchios:

[…] Steig says that surface temperatures are reliable, yet GISS has massively altered them over the past decade. In fact, GISS has nearly doubled reported 1880 to 2000 warming since their 2003 version. They have altered the data so much, they had to stretch the scale at both ends to fit their alterations on to the graph. This is not “reliable” data.


2003: http://www.giss.nasa.gov/data/update/gistemp/graphs

 (Update, WMBriggs: That “1-in-27 Million Chance That Earth’s Record Hot Streak Is Natural” Is Preposterous)

Hidden the 1930/40s, cooling the record hot years over the last two centuries, a little bit each year, and you can claim any old rubbish. Still the warmists have gone into a frenzy over 2 hundreds of a degree. Just listen or watch ‘your ABC’.

GISS Diverging From RSS At 1.2C/Century

The satellites show that record warming is a fairy tale of the left.

ScreenHunter_6128 Jan. 17 06.54 RSS TLT

A prime example:


A lot more from Goddard over at realscience.com where climate fiction is continuously exposed.

It’s like the warmists want it to get colder. Brrrr …


BBC News – Snow and gales bring disruption to UK

Update, at WUWT: Saturday silliness – it’s the Warmist Year Evah!

Josh writes: By the slimmest of margins, 2014 has been declared the “hottest year ever”. It’s everywhere you look – there’s dodgy numbers, vague impressions and tweets galore – yes, it’s the warmist year evah!   Cartoons by Josh

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