a right bunch of Charlies … from the left

The shrieking, two faced hypocrites of the left. Refused to help repeal 18C Free Speech Law.

Bill Leak today: A right bunch of Charlies.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

For those overseas readers, those two ‘frightbats’ in front are radical lefty politicians who want free speech, as long as it’s theirs. Charlie Hebdo would fall foul of the Australian law on free speech.

Larry Pickering also now has a police guard after threats over his cartoons: http://pickeringpost.com/cartoons

Surprise, the ABC change their ‘toon’: MO SHOW

Tim Blair Tuesday, January 13, 2015 (1:22pm)

The ABC – along with several more reputable Australian media outlets – displays the latest Charlie Hebdo cover, complete with forbidden Mo toon:

The latest front page of Charlie Hebdo has been released, showing the Prophet Mohammed holding a Je Suis Charlie sign under the banner “All is forgiven”.

This represents a welcome change of policy since 2006.

Now lets see them push for a repeal of the Free Speech laws. WE ARE ALL (SUBJECT TO THE APPALLING RESTRICTIONS OF) 18C

Tim Blair – 

Via Morph, the Australian translation of a currently-popular French phrase:


Update, CNN refuse to be there:

Remember That “Free Speech” Stuff CNN Was Talking About? That Was All Bullshit

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