CO2 does not warm the planet …

Of course, but it can cause cooling, scientists now tell us … Singer Concurs with Latour: CO2 Doesn’t Cause Global Warming

Written by Anthony Bright-Paul on 10 Jan 2015

 Singer and Latour

[…]What were the headlines?

Fred Singer closing in on Fact: CO2 Doesn’t Affect Global temperature!

Here is the link and I hope and pray that all Skeptic Professors and sincere sceptic writers and so on and so forth will read this article by Dr Latour. I immediately passed it on to Hans Schreuder since it vindicates his well-known essay that Greenhouse Gases cool the Planet. This essay by Hans Schreuder is central to what I call my book – Climate for the Layman – but which is, in fact, a compilation of articles and essays.

For too long many of us Skeptics have been fighting on marshy ground – that is on the same marshy ground as the Warmists, with just a light variation. While the Warmists declared and still declare every day that the Globe is warming dangerously by virtue of the Greenhouse Gases, some Skeptics have conceded that Greenhouse Gases warm the atmosphere but only a little, not dangerously.

That is what I mean by fighting on marshy ground, by fighting on the same ground as the Warmists. No wonder they stand their ground – it is as if the Skeptics are fundamentally in agreement with them, only differing in scale.

Luckily for us all Dr Latour does not have that false modesty that afflicts so many Englishmen brought up in Public Schools to play cricket. His American lack of modesty is entirely refreshing – I would have said ‘music to my ears’ but that would be to mix metaphors.

Singer reveals he assumes CO2 warms Earth because it is called a greenhouse gas, which does not make it so. 

 How many other sincere Skeptics have made that same assumption? Latour goes on: –

I discovered in 2012 introducing radiating gases like H2O and CO2 to the atmosphere actually cools the Earth slightly…

My way is physics, the Stefan Boltzmann Law of radiation intensity from all matterproportional to its temperature and emissivity. 

Some years ago now Professor Bob Carter visited with me in my garden on the occasion of the publication of his first book. For some reason he was intrigued to meet a completely independent non-scientist writer writing in the Skeptic cause. As we walked around my garden Bob was at pains to explain to me that molecules of CO2 radiated every which way including downwards, thus warming the lower atmosphere. This is pretty precisely what Dr Helen Czerski also wrote to me.

The theory is that the Earth radiates out a low grade infrared which activates the CO2 molecules and they in turn radiate back to Earth thus warming or increasing the warmth of the lower atmosphere.

Now Bob Carter is a very polite person and considers it absolutely infra dig to disagree with another Skeptic scientist all on the same side. But let us face the facts. The Skeptic cause is not making headway, in spite of the efforts of Lord Lawson and the GWPF and many others.  We are just treading water, while the Warmists continue with their propaganda day by day.

So let me declare now that in no way would I want to upset those who have worked for years in the climate Skeptic cause. However we have to admit that we have made scarcely a dent on the public mind – on the public conception.

That is why it is so important that Fred Singer has now publicly declared that CO2 does not affect Global temperature, and Pierre Latour has helped him along the way by providing an ‘algebraic proof.’

He has been wandering around in the swamp of atmospheric feedbacks, positive or negative, proclaiming it is all too complicated and controversial. Like esteemed MIT Professor Richard Lindzen and other meteorologists, he is trapped in his feedback swamp and can’t get out.

Now where is the error? Where is the error both in logic and in Physics? I believe that what Bob Carter said to me was fundamentally correct – that is to say that all molecules radiate every which way including downwards, but he omitted

proportional to its temperature and emissivity. 

Pierre Latour goes on to discuss ‘back radiation’ and repeats the fundamental 2nd Law of Thermodynamics with the words ‘Heat does not flow from cold matter to hot matter, heating hot further; only from hot to cold.’

Gee! I knew that all along and I have no degrees of any kind, only an entirely aggravating desire to be logical and to think in a straight line. Here now is Jim Peden once again with his characteristic and charming immodesty: –

If non-radiating O2 is exchanged for absorbing/emitting CO2, emissivity, e, of planet to space must increase.

I = σ e (T/100)4

If e increases with CO2 at constant I, T goes down. Therefore CO2 causes global cooling.

Get that my fellow Skeptics? CO2 causes Global Cooling. This is the high ground – this is the ground from which we should be fighting, not in the swamps of positive and negative feed backs.

Let us have a truly Happy New Year, where we rout the Warmists with their phoney science.

(via John O’Sullivan)

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