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The ‘CO2 is harmful’ agenda from environmentalists enviromentalists Greenies and the like is now beyond parody. The real story, simplified, so even they can understand, and every horticulturalist and farmer knows and lives by:

CO2 data shows nobody’s dead from a little carbon dioxide

Lorraine Yapps Cohen

 ‘A little CO2 won’t hurt you. A lot of CO2 won’t hurt you. You breathe out 40,000 ppm with every breath. Do you worry about California banning YOU from breathing out?’

A little CO2 won’t hurt you. A lot of CO2 won’t hurt you. You breathe out 40,000 ppm with every breath. Do you worry about California banning YOU from breathing out?

I want to clarify my comments. I recently wrote that my CO2 meter said I should be dead in San Diego while exhaling. That was a CO2 spoof, folks. I was having some fun, and I’m still quite alive as I write.

But let me be perfectly clear: I really do have a CO2 meter, and it really did squawk when I blew my exhale into it. Because I’m a CO2 engine, just like you.

Real data

What I’m about to say isn’t a spoof. It’s the result of research and discussions with scientists working in the field. For all of you who need the data, I’ll give them in summary, but you go look up the mountain of references, do some research for yourself, even get a meter if you like. You’ll believe the numbers below better if you discover them on your own. And you won’t need to believe me when I say “I told you so.”

The following summarizes levels of CO2 under various conditions:

40,000 ppm: The exhaled breath of normal, healthy people.

8,000 ppm: CO2 standard for submarines

2,500 ppm: CO2 level in a small hot crowded bar in the city

2,000 ppm: The point at which my CO2 meter squawks by playing Fur Elise

1,000 to 2,000 ppm: Historical norms for the earth’s atmosphere over the past 550 million years

1,000 to 2,000 ppm: The level of CO2 at which plant growers like to keep their greenhouses

1,000 ppm: Average level in a lecture hall filled with students

600 ppm: CO2 level in my office with me and my husband in it

490 ppm: CO2 level in my office working alone

399 ppm: Current average outdoor level of CO2 in the air

280 ppm: Pre-industrial levels in the air, on the edge of “CO2 famine” for plants

150 ppm: The point below which most plants die of CO2 starvation

(all of these data vary a little with size of the space, ventilation, wind, and the like)

What does it mean?

There’s a lot more data out there, but this simple list says it all. Carbon dioxide is present in our outside air at about 400 ppm.

A little less than that and our plants start to suffer.

A little more and there’s little effect on people while plants proliferate.

A lot more and there’s still not much effect on people.

Nowhere in the list of numbers do people get dead. Well, except for those submarines that never surface. You get the point.

Above average is a good thing

Above ambient levels of 390 ppm is where plants start to thrive. Remember your science: it says plants take in CO2 and output O2; people take in O2 and output CO2. We’ve got a good thing going with the plants, not to mention that they grow into what we eat. Having more to eat is a good thing in my book…and in the book of the world where so many people still don’t have enough food.

What happens with less?

But the powers that be namely Gov. Schwarzenegger and the AB32 crew want to lower the levels of CO2 in the air. If those regulations succeed, we will have targeted the plants for destruction. Then what will we eat? Each other?

Leave nature alone

Left on its own, nature has seen much higher levels of CO2 in times when human beings weren’t exhaling in numbers or driving cars. How about we leave well enough alone and let nature and people do their own thing. If that means a little more CO2, we can take it and take it well.


A lot more at ICECAP …

The demand by the Green movement for a slogan or an excuse, whatever, but anything to advance that agenda, has been a disgrace to science and the environment. They can never be believed about anything any more. Once they pushed the line that CO2 emissions should hinder or stop normal business activities, they lost me.



[…] It’s amazing the propaganda creative warmists can cook up when given free air time from willing media!

Dr Xargle understands the weather connections too.

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