Green treason …

Haven’t we got rid of this extravagent spending yet? Only ‘the Green Blob’ support this agenda.

Rich Kozlovich calls it Green Treason. […]The green movement’s foundation is firmly rooted with the nature worshipping religion of the Druids in the ancient dark mist covered forests of Germania.  As Gary Jason pointed out in his article, “Death by Environmentalism”, “I would suggest that there is a major strain of pagan or secularist religion, Gaea worship, that informs the movement. This strain of thought, a weird sort of neo-Romantic pantheistic nature cult, has been prevalent since Rousseau in the Enlightenment era, but it exploded throughout the culture in the 1960s. Not all environmentalists share this worldview, but it is the one that drives the movement. And it is one that often downplays the value of people — devalues them and, indeed, de-animates them. That is a topic I would love to see explored in depth.”

Green Power?:

Find out what’s happening here and now with renewable energy.
Government Organisation
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Government Organization? Renewable Energy has it’s place, just not for Base-load industrial power.

Read the whole Kozlovich explanation, the conclusion seen here:

 […] If you think going green gives you a warm fuzzy feeling of self-righteousness – get over it because you’re dancing with the Devil and when you dance with the Devil, you won’t call the tune, you won’t pick the dance and you may not be able to leave the dance floor.  And you will be party to treason – not to any government – but to the human family itself.  A family to which we’re all a part.  A family we owe loyalty to from birth.

Government officials take an oath in the United State to “support and defend the Constitution”, which means supporting the concepts as outlined in the Declaration of Independence, for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, which are the logical foundation of our “unalienable rights”.

Everything the green movement stands for is antithetical to those rights and concepts and any public official supporting the green movement is guilty of treason against this nation, and against humanity, and if public officials are guilty of treason for supporting this movement can we be any less culpable?

SOURCE(via Greenie Watch)

Update … Green Blob numbers from Lima:

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