the Professor and her ‘twin’ … teaching nonsense

Professor Carmen Lawrence, formerly a colleague of Professor Lewandowski from the Psych. Department of the University of Western Australia, and Premier of Western Australia, and former federal Labor politician.

The Premier is under some scrutiny about :

[…] My submission to the Royal Commission said Counsel Assisting was wrong.  I say that after lobbying, Carmen Lawrence’s Labor Government cancelled any tender process and gave the $60M contract directly to Thiess.

That happened following threats from AWU fraudster, Bruce Wilson, who threatened to withdraw his support for Lawrence. This enabled the Blewett, Wilson, Gillard slush fund scam to rip off taxpayers.

[…] example of a University obstructing the replication of science, through the censorship of data release, or not release, as in this case, from the University of Western Australia. Is psychology science or nonsense. If science can’t be replicated, then it’s nonsense!

Wow, this is a Dr Lawrence look-alike, even to the global warming agenda scam. bookburn660.jpg

San Jose State University’s Dr. Alison Bridger holds a lit match beneath a book that claims global warming is “natural” as assistant professor Craig Clements looks on last month. The photograph has since been removed from the university’s website. (



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