doomed to repeat history …

Following on from last year’s Christmas Turkey Antarctic ice stranding, a new expedition is being set for this year again. Any spare rescue vessels about this time? Do they know about Antarctica’s record ice extent?


December 26, 2014–January 8, 2015
(Departure date may change based on gateway city)


Click here to view our 2014 Antarctic Expedition brochure.


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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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1 Response to doomed to repeat history …

  1. Well at least it makes no pretense about being a scientific expedition.

    From the blurb’s SOI Alumni – Impacts & Outcomes

    SOI expeditions are just the beginning of a journey of discovery, understanding, inspiration and change. Students are connected with a vast network of alumni, educators and visionary leaders from around the world making a difference in their communities and beyond.

    SOI expeditions have helped inspire alumni to:

    Define career goals and pursue dreams
    Earn scholarships and research grants
    Form global youth groups to tackle social and environmental issues
    Become globally-minded ambassadors and leaders
    Collaborate with international partners to protect the Antarctic
    Develop advancements in green technology
    Share their experiences by giving presentations writing books and media articles, and making documentaries
    Influence policy and decision makers

    So nothing scary like hard science.

    They also don’t mention the amount of diesel fuel that’ll be burnt for their little expedition. If the expedition fees are around $13,000 (“median” Toronto/Ushuaia¹) then you can bet that at least 5000 litres will be burnt for the group-hugging, self-indulgent cruise. If they don’t get stuck in the ice.

    ¹ It looks like the adventure cruise company is charging $3000 for the return flights from Toronto to Ushuaia. That’s about $500 more than a quick check on airfares for the expedition period reveals.

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