running away …

Obama’s “we have no plan” is genius, ISIS are on the run, tricked by those words, they are dying in their hundreds, hidden from Facebook and the Media, troops have them on the run  …

er, Iraqi troops, that is. Richard North reports:

A missed opportunity to take credit for this success, Mr President? , Kerry is, er, running away? …


Steven Goddard is even more cynical:

Saudi king warns West will be jihadists’ next target – Yahoo News

Maybe he should just give them amnesty and benefits?

Great sample (Richard North reports at EU Referendum): […]

Elsewhere, Tigris Operations Command have confirmed that an operation to liberate the al-Edhaim area has killed 120 ISIS fighters. Some 200 explosive devices have been seized, and a large number of vehicles destroyed.

Military intelligence has also announced the killing of 73 ISIS terrorists after an airstrike in Sinjar.”

Allam said this group did not represent Islamic values or law. Its crimes were a shame to Islam and Muslims, and regional and international co-operation was needed to fight such groups. ”

The disease is spreading: ISIS MOVES INTO LEBANON – Captures Nine Soldiers, Beheads One on Tape

Kerry saluting Obama

Kerry saluting Obama

Update, Debka File reports that Kerry has emerged, still running away, as in Vietnam:

Amid a trail of Al Qaeda atrocities, world leaders call on someone else “to stamp out the disease”

Al Qaeda executions in Sinai

Al Qaeda executions in Sinai
DEBKAfileExclusive AnalysisAug 30, 2014, 11:29 AM (IDT)

US Secretary of State John Kerry called Saturday, Aug. 30 for a “coalition of nations… to stamp out the disease of the Islamic state group,” following President Barack Obama highly-criticized denial of a strategy for “dealing with Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq.” The British premier revealed that Al Qaeda carried out the attack on the Jewish museum of Brussels. World leaders wax eloquent on the Islamist peril, but prefer to fight it at leisure through “allies” and “coalitions.” Israel too avoided reacting to the abduction of 43 UN observers at its Golan back door.


Update 2 :

630 x 507 · 274 kB · jpeg·He’s still got it and it’s still magical.

Update 3, Where are the marches against ISIS?

and, oh well: The trouble is that Obama does have a strategy

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