deleting past weather history …

Australia’s keeper of weather records, otherwise known as BoM, have thrown out the past, in an effort to prolong their ‘warming’ agenda. Caught out by Jennifer Marohasy in recent days, and published in the Australian by Graham Lloyd, BoM are now in ‘lockdown’, along with ‘their’ ABC.

Dr Marohasy was cut off mid-sentence by ABC radio to interview ‘science’ fraudster John Cook*, after BoM declined debate. ABC invites BOM and Marohasy to speak — BOM decline, Marohasy accepts, but is cut off?

THE famous Australian poet Henry Lawson wrote, “If you know Bourke you know Australia.” For me Henry Lawson was alluding to the vastness of the landscape, the extremes of climate, and also the can-do attitude of its people.

Ian Cole and Jennifer Marohasy, both mentioned in today's story by Graham Lloyd.

But the technocrats would like to change some of this, and pretend that Australia’s climate was once benign.

So, as Graham Lloyd explains on page 5 of today’s Weekend Australian, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology have discarded the first 40 years of the temperature record for Bourke. This includes the hottest ever temperature recorded in a Stevenson screen for, I think, anywhere in Australia. A rather hot 51.7 degree Celsius was recorded in a new Stevenson screen in the yard of the Bourke post office on 3rd January 1909.

Mr Lloyd writes:[…]

Go there and read it all.

So, all the hot extremes of the past such as that shocker in 1896 never happened according to BoM.

That’s several supposed high quality weather stations with large spurious warming adjustments, including Amberley and Rutherglen. There are a lot more to come I expect. Heads must roll at BoM, or their ‘reputation’ will go like that of NIWA, who disowned all the New Zealand records when they were unable to explain large warming adjustments to a court.

The High Court has been asked to invalidate the New Zealand official temperature record (NZTR) as promoted by the Crown Research Institute, NIWA. These records are the historical …

The result was that NIWA refused to accept responsibility for their own data and adjustments, and instead employed BOM to conduct an audit. Like the wolf auditing a flock of sheep on behalf of a fox.

Warwick Hughes adds some ‘explanations’: It is time to get Australian Bureau of Meteorology station histories out of archives – we need to see how good BoM metadata is

Hint, they’re not good!


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