a cold warning …

The weather so far this winter in Broome is COLD. Yes, 5C below last year’s July average, for the overnight minimum, and the maximum, thank goodness warms up to just below the average for July, thanks to a cloudless sky.

That is forecast to change to drizzly rain on the weekend as a North West cloud band moves across the continent. Great for our landscaping and nursery activities.

Not cold just in Broome, but right across the continent:

A Continent In The Deep Freeze

Almost all of Australia is having  a cold winter. Look for the press corpse to completely ignore this, ahead of the repeal of Julia’s big lie.

ScreenHunter_908 Jul. 08 08.36

10-Day Temperature Outlook

That’s despite BoM data malpractice:

Southwest Queensland heat wave 2nd July 2014

I noticed this aberration in BoM max anomaly maps –

on checking I see that Bedourie on 2 July recorded 19° at 3pm. Yet they have 30° recorded here.
So we are expected to believe that the temperature rocketed 11 degrees quicktime

It just amazes me that such an obvious outlier can get through BoM processes.
And I like the way the contouring maths generates the next layer up red anomaly all on its own.
There are not that many Qld stations reporting on this page – that given BoM computing power and the presumed importance of filtering out errors – a staffer could easily tick through the Qld list in 5 or 10 minutes each day eyeballing for obvious errors.

The real worry may soon be upon us, many scientists are now predicting a colder decade or three, which is bad news for health and most food production regions, such as the US corn belt:

A Colder Climate is a Drier Climate

Guest essay by David Archibald

In trying to understand how the US agricultural system will respond to lower solar activity, and thus a posited colder climate, we have to go way back. As far back as the 1970s in fact when it was still possible for academics to publish books and papers on the effects of climatic cooling. In 1977, Reid Bryson and Thomas Murray published a book entitled Climates of Hunger. The book is old enough that Stephen Schneider is credited with reviewing the manuscript, from his time as a cooling alarmist.  Continue reading

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