‘Your’ ABC blind, leading the blind …

The ABC scaremongering machine keeps on and on, Green this, global warming there, rising seas drowning islands, and so on. Clueless, totally clueless, Tony from Oz, who knows how the Power Industry works says:

Have you ever really wondered why no one (not one person) in any media outlet says to just turn those coal fired power plants off, not just here in Oz, but anywhere, everywhere.

Just turn ‘em off if it’s so damned bad as they make out, and then hype that like they hype the rest of this bovine waste.

Then they’ll see just how good their precious renewables really are.

The GRID is actually keeping renewables viable. The GRID is what makes renewables seem to supply power. The GRID is only there in the first place because of coal fired power.

Go on, turn ‘em off. I dare you.

They are clueless, absolutely clueless.

Sabra Lane, ABC 7:30 Report, was that an interview or an advert?

It’s not the first time and I doubt it’s the last!

ABC logo


 They wouldn’t dare I’m sure!

Another evening of the ABC preaching Leftist politics

Record sea ice around Antarctica this year:


As for ice on Antarctica itself, even if you believe the calculations of the warmist US National Climate Assessment the loss is actually minimal:


Antarctica is losing about 0.0045% of its ice per decade—about 4.5/10,000ths of a percent per year.

But here is how the ABC’s Lateline last night reported on Antarctica, omitting both the above critical facts:

EMMA ALBERICI, PRESENTER: There’s more research tonight pointing to dramatic changes underway in Antarctica. Australian researchers have identified how warm water is increasingly pushing out cold water around the white continent, prompting more ice to melt and further sea level rises. 


More of ABC’s rubbish at the link … they really are out of control.

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