blinded by poop … climate ‘science’

Australian Universities have become seriously dumbed down in recent years, and it’s been noticed by mathematicians, statisticians and scientists overseas on several occasions. The density of CO2 in water loaded with fish is only matched by the density of the ‘fish science-ists’ that published this. […]

Climate change could stop fish finding their friends


[…] Society for Experimental Biology

Look, far be it for me to mock the study of fish social events. They need their friends. It’s just hard to take this seriously in a world where  so much is unknown about carbon accounting, (or fish psychology).  This was also a press release that did not mention a paper, or a conference. I’m sure the data is out there.

The longer time goes, the worse they get. Read it all, and weep …


Oh, G.., not just Australians: Blinded by Beliefs: The Straight Poop on Emperor Penguins

960 x 717 · 69 kB · jpeg·Backpacking bro’s macho picture, penguin poop & planking in …

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