the press gallery chickens get fed … then chopped

Fairfax got totally owned by the Clive Palmer circus, leaving The Australian rolling around on the floor laughing.

Fairfax reporter Mark Kenny co-wrote a front page story yesterday falsely claiming Clive Palmer would save the carbon tax – showing Kenny, a warmist, had just listened with his eyes at a press conference featuring warmist evangelist Al Gore:

Clive Palmer has thrown into chaos Tony Abbott’s plan to abolish the carbon tax, demanding the Prime Minister instead create an emissions trading scheme that would swing into action when Australia’s major trading partners adopt similar measures.

In fact, Palmer wants the carbon tax gone, even if his doomed plan for an emissions trading scheme on the never-never is rejected.

Mark Kenny today scrabbles out of his hole: […]

So funny, you have to read it all

Here chook, chook, chook:

The Australian laughs:

CLIVE Palmer must have been tempted to throw out some chicken pellets as he left. The former media adviser to Joh Bjelke-Petersen had just sold the chooks of the Canberra press gallery a chopping block and rotisserie, and they gobbled it up.[…]

chicken with its head cut off

More from Bolta over at WUWT: Al Gore gets fooled at a press conference down under calling for end of the carbon tax

Former US vice president Al Gore (left) joined Clive Palmer to announce PUP’s plan to repeal the carbon tax. (Credit: AAP)

How A Coal Baron Fooled Al Gore And The Greens

Andrew Bolt Herald Sun, 26 June 2014

What the hell was Al Gore doing at Palmer’s press conference? Why did the great global warming guru help to sanctify a press conference called by a coal baron to announce the destruction of Australia’s climate change policies?

AUSTRALIA will be left without a major scheme to cut greenhouse gas emissions after Clive Palmer last night backed the repeal of the carbon tax without supporting any concrete alternative… Continue reading

From Adelaide Now:

Warren Brown cartoon.

Warren Brown cartoon.

AUSTRALIA’S gob was well and truly smacked this week when Earth’s biggest advocate for carbon pricing came to Canberra to help a mining magnate dismantle carbon pricing.

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