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wind turbines as environmental vandalism … it just got a whole lot worse

It gets worse:  […] “they”covered up the true extent of the massacres of raptors, swallows, swifts and bats. Sadly, the mainstream media have often helped industrial and political interests to hush up inconvenient news. But this is a different kettle … Continue reading

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propping up the Gore millions …

The Al Gore, Clive Palmer circus press conference that conned the left media last week is shown for what it really was. Al Gore’s propping up his own investments in renewable energy that your super funds will be thrown at. … Continue reading

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eating crow … all US NCDC weather data is proved a crock

Crow is on the menu at WUWT when they found out that Steven Goddard, with some help from Paul Homewood, was right about weather station data fiddling. Temperatures adjusted upward, closed stations with made up data, poor siting, the list … Continue reading

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teacher fail? …

This is a teacher, bureaucrat and Union failure. I wonder if it’s any different in Australia. Inquiring minds want to know.   Anyone for a Gonski? Lots of answers in comments, but this caught my eye: […] another example using … Continue reading

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back into pindan woodland …

Click to enlarge these images from a field trip last week: This chap was watching us closely …Then a collection of fruit from the Jalgir, or Styptic Tree, Canarium australianum:

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the press gallery chickens get fed … then chopped

Fairfax got totally owned by the Clive Palmer circus, leaving The Australian rolling around on the floor laughing. Fairfax reporter Mark Kenny co-wrote a front page story yesterday falsely claiming Clive Palmer would save the carbon tax – showing Kenny, … Continue reading

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“the great (CO2) climate myth” … “a graphic fairy tale”

The CO2 theory has failed miserably, says Jim Steele (read it all at the link here), another environmental scientist who has had an AHA moment, in this latest post, citing a number of papers to prove his point. This is … Continue reading

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the Ironbark tree …

The Ironbark Tree, Eucalyptus jensenii from Australia’s north is handling our built landscape plantings very well in Broome, proving a versatile shade tree in all situations. Here are some images from an old tree in bushland north of Broome. They … Continue reading

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new paper on ‘failed temperature series’ …

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology is responsible for the records of Australia’s climate and weather, and also responsible for the many adjustments and errors found by Dr Marohasy and others. In a speech in Sydney last night, Dr Marohasy and others’  … Continue reading

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a new breakthrough solar model of climate and weather … Dr David Evans

I have been reading all the posts on Dr David Evan’s new climate model showing all his work in developing the theory that Co2 is only a minor role in affecting global temperature. He is now into Part VII of … Continue reading

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