IPCC mistaken, “as much as 300%” … says experts

Four scientists at a Congressional hearing, the beginning of the end: Experts Condemn the IPCC at US Hearing

Credentialed, experienced critics declare that the UN’s climate panel is politicized – and that many of its conclusions are mistaken.

You see, it’s all about faith, and activism is not science, then data trumps models, even when ‘inconvenient’: Meltdown Update : No Change In Arctic Sea Ice Over The Last 19 Years

ScreenHunter_203 May. 29 20.37


Daily Arctic Sea Ice Maps

Australia’s BoM are well known ‘data fixers’: Corrupting Australia’s Temperature Record

WHILE the average Australian, being sentimental and having a nationalistic streak, would like to believe their Bureau of Meteorology is honestly recording and reporting temperatures, in reality the science managers are corrupting the official record. Following is another example, another story, to add to the litany as detailed in my unanswered letter to Minister Hunt and recent series of blog posts on Bourke. […]

… The most extreme example that Ken found of data corruption was at Amberley, near Brisbane, Queensland, where a cooling minima trend was effectively reversed, Figure 1.

Amberley 3

Read the full article at http://kenskingdom.wordpress.com/2014/05/16/the-australian-temperature-record-revisited-a-question-of-balance/

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