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Former PM Gillard’s partner loses it. Is this about the coming Royal Commission interviews soon, or the Vicpol summons soon, or the other ex-boyfriend’s ? More here:

FORMER first bloke Tim Mathieson has launched an extraordinary attack on Margie Abbott saying the first lady is not doing enough charity work.

Despite Mrs Abbott maintaining her part-time job as director of a Sydney childcare centre and attending dozens of recent charity and community events, Mr Mathieson still thought it fair to rebuke her performance as first lady.

Blimey, it’s catching, let it all hang out: Fairfax attacks Abbott through his daughters. UPDATE: Now his wife attacked, too

The disease is getting worse, especially on Facebook, with terribly offensive photoshops. The dying throes of a rabble, I hope. I don’t have to mention the side of politics where this comes from. http://blogs.news.com.au/heraldsun/miss-judgement/index.php/heraldsun/comments/the_lying_left/

Here’s one of the less offensive class war types: Peter Grace‘s photo.

Peter Grace's photo.

A suit costing about $700, I heard. It seems they have forgotten their “Armani Hero”:


436 x 500 · 162 kB · jpeg·placido domingo prime minister paul keating wore expensive italian …

The Whistleblower for the frauds has something to say:

Bob Kernohan shared a link.

FORMER first bloke Tim Mathieson has launched an extraordinary attack on…
Daily Telegraph
      • And the really sad thing is that we, the taxpayer are forced to financially support these cretins, and I describe them deliberately as cretins. Timmy was and still is Gillard’s handbag….(the bloke she is seen with in public to keep up appearances) I wonder if he will visit her in the big house when she is found guilty of criminal fraud? Maybe, then again maybe not….

        Bob Kernohan.

        Thanks, Bob. He has the last word:

        […] I will give my evidence before the RC on the 10nth of June, subject o any change of date by the RC.

        The RC will be live streamed for those that want to follow proceedings., Michael Smith will have a link to the live stream on the day.

        Bob Kernohan..

Update, never fear, Margo is here, proves the point: HERE COME THE MARGONAUTS

Tim Blair Friday, May 23, 2014 (2:17pm)

The revolution draws near, and Margo Kingston is leading it:


With the government’s overthrow about to happen any minute now, Margo has taken to communicating with her Twitter army in an apparently unbreakable code language:

ALP tried to do fair Abbott denounces ‘class war’. Real CW begins & Murdoch malevolence = ALP not game to call it. Pressure cooker.

“CW” might be a sinister reference to “country and western”, but I’m not sure. “Pressure cooker” could indicate that Margo’s insurgents have obtained explosives.

crap ALP ego behaviour part of our democratic crisis – open?

Readers are invited to decipher these incomprehensible yet deeply troubling messages. Work quickly. The nation’s future may depend on it.

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