self-interested bludgers … the road to ruin

Facebook fascists have become increasing shrill over the past few months. I sometimes wonder why I still go and read, but then, they would just get away with it until 1939 happens again.

Then, in the budget reply, Shorten  “is trying to appeal to the selfish, not the selfless. To those for whom blatant self-interest trumps national interest.”

Stephanie McMillan's photo.
 Yeah, like this:


In this particular case the “violence” is not physical but implied, given the intimidation is real.

A Greens member celebrates, spending the last few dollars this Abbott regime left him:


The Socialist Alternative’s Ridah Hassan was at the protests and is listed as a spokeswoman.

She was one of the protesters who disrupted Q&A last week:


And here she is rousing the rabble yesterday against Bishop

Green fantasy would drive us all to red ruin

THE reaction to the federal Budget from both Labor and the Greens would indicate they want to ensure Australia becomes a nation of innumerate bludgers.

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