Labor’s impending demise …

At long last, the Royal Commission into Trade Union Corruption and Governance begins today. Just a pity it wont be televised, as I would pay to watch. The Labor Party is the Party of Trade Unions:

Hearings, orders and transcripts

Upcoming public hearings

9 April 2014 – Preliminary Hearing

The Royal Commission will hold a preliminary hearing in Sydney at 10am on Wednesday 9 April 2014. At this hearing, the Commissioner the Hon John Dyson Heydon AC QC will make a formal statement outlining the broad direction of the Royal Commission. Counsel assisting will also make an opening statement. No witnesses will be called at this preliminary hearing.

The preliminary hearing will be held at level 17, 1 Farrer Place in Sydney. It will be open to the public although seating will be limited.

A transcript of the hearing will be available on this website shortly after the hearing.

Information about public hearings

Public hearings of the Royal Commission are open to the public. The hearings will be presided over by the Commissioner.

Who can attend?

The Royal Commission’s public hearings will be open to the public and members of the media. Any person interested in the work of the Royal Commission may attend, although seating will be limited.

Public hearing protocols

The Royal Commission’s public hearings will be formal. When you enter and exit the hearing room, it is customary to pause and bow your head towards the Australian coat of arms above where the Commissioner sits.

The Commissioner is the Hon. John Dyson Heydon AC QC. When the Commissioner enters or leaves the hearing room, it is customary to stand and bow your head. You should remain standing until the Commissioner has entered the room and has been seated, or has left the room, or until the Commissioner indicates for people to be seated.

The use of all electronic equipment, including cameras and recording devices, is prohibited in the hearing room. Mobile phones must be turned off.

You are not permitted to talk loudly, eat, chew gum or smoke in the hearing room. Please note that you should also keep noise to a minimum while entering and exiting and immediately outside the hearing room so as not to interrupt the proceedings.


Transcripts of the public hearings will be uploaded to the Royal Commission’s website as soon as possible.

Applying for authorisation to appear

The Royal Commission will issue Practice Directions to assist parties, witnesses and members of the public. For further information, please see the Practice Directions page of this website.

Following last weekend’s disastrous election result by Labor, these hearings could be their death-knell. In Broome, the Greens even outscored the Labor Party.

Today’s proceedings, as seen by Michael Smith at MSNews, pictured here with whistleblower, Bob Kernohan:


Whistleblower Kathy Jackson is also at the Commission, talks to the media, also puts in a large legal claim against the Health Services Union. Read (and listen to) the rest at Michael Smith’s link.


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2 Responses to Labor’s impending demise …

  1. mal wade says:

    its a pity they don’t have a royal commission into the conduct of Colin Barnett and his dictatorship style of …leadership ??

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