Fred and Barney to blame …

The Flinstone’s emissions are to be blamed for climate change? A new post at SNWA uses the climate change mantra of the distant past to warn about the present.

Climate change key to megafauna deaths

Climate change key to megafauna deaths

AN ancient DNA specialist from Murdoch University has helped pinpoint the cause of mass extinctions of megafauna such as woolly rhinos, mammoth and other Ice Age mammals.


[…] “Clearly this adds urgency to acting now to reduce the impact of climate change.” […]


So how did the climate change in the past, carbon dioxide emissions? Clearly, one of the researchers has found the elixir of life:

Dr Haile says the megafauna project has demonstrated the value of international collaboration and shown that distance is no barrier in a globally connected world, with WA at the centre of research.

The study, published in Nature, was led by Professor Eske Willerslev, an ancient DNA researcher and director of the Centre for GeoGenetics at the Natural History Museum of Denmark.

It involved inputs from ancient DNA, palaeo-ecology, taxonomy, molecular ecology, community ecology, zoology, bioinformatics, molecular genetics and geology.

 Better they read this at Jonova: Full article: The sceptics are right. Don’t scapegoat them (Paywalled)

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