“get ready for a wild ride” … the union corruption probe

Hang onto your hat alright, Michael Smith has lit the fuse, Grace Collier throws another bomb: Grace Collier on union corruption and the lonely, shattered lives whistleblowers face

Hang on to your hat: union corruption probe will be a wild ride

Grace Collier has a great column in The Australian today.   She talks about the union Royal Commission and the Victoria Police investigation into the AWU – then sets her sights on the fashionable types who found it easier to sniff the breeze than do their research.

“It disappoints me how important people in powerful positions, in media and politics who have never actually worked in a union sniff disbelievingly at those who come forward to blow the whistle. Powerful, important people, whether left or right, associate with and assist other powerful, important people. When nobodies from outside the club come forward to cast aspersions on somebodies within the club, ranks close.” […]

[…] And Grace has spoken with Bob Kernohan who says Bill Shorten knew as much about the AWU Scandal as Bob did himself.

Read it all, with expert comments provided by Smithy’s ‘legion’ of specialist commenters.

Must buy my ticket to the show before it’s too late!

Some more document analysis, past police investigations will come under scrutiny that was impossible without the pending juducial enquiry!

The $100 million probe could recoup most of this, even make a profit, by selling tickets to the public. I for one, would pay lots to watch!

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4 Responses to “get ready for a wild ride” … the union corruption probe

  1. Tony N says:

    Grace, are you sure that all this anti-union stuff is not just payback for your failure within that movement? Competent women generally make it to the top. You come across as someone with an axe to grind.

    • Tom Harley says:

      Grace took off the Union coloured glasses and saw a nest of disturbances from bullying to theft and fraud. Most people would have done the same as Grace did, provided they had ethics. One was Kernohan.

  2. flyingtigercomics says:

    Reblogged this on Flying Tiger Comics.

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