“royal commission into unions to be announced” … chuckle

Ask and you shall receive! A Royal Commission into the Unions? Let the games begin: […] BRIBES, secret commissions, corruption and slush funds will be the target of a powerful royal commission into unions to be announced by the federal government on Monday

Extra supplies of popcorn and celebratory products will surely add to Australia’s economy, along with the increased productivity of investigators, lawyers and the media. The expected cost, about $100 million.

More candy: Senator Abetz … will introduce a motion on Tuesday to bring on debate about the ABCC. That’s the building and construction watchdog that the previous Gillard government canned due to Union pressure.

The fun and games has started, Firefox reported that Michael Smith News is a malware attack site. They wish …

[…] Last year Mr Abbott promised an inquiry into allegations of AWU slush funds, allegations that haunted Julia Gillard’s prime ministership because of her association with AWU leader Bruce Wilson, a former boyfriend. Ms Gillard denies any knowledge of Mr Wilson’s alleged activities, which Victoria Police is investigating.

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 Don’t worry, it’s safe to go there. Geez, someone must be pi**ed off today.

[Wait! Please don’t visit that site right now!

Google detected badware on the site you were visiting. Firefox uses Google’s blacklist to warn you about “Reported attack sites.” We understand that you may know and trust this site, but it’s possible for good sites to be infected with badware without the site owners’ knowledge or permission.]

Chuckle, chuckle …

[…] The investigation also threatens to expose Labor MPs who used union cash to bankroll election campaigns, particularly if it was not properly declared to authorities.

Labor declared $6 million in political donations from unions last year, including $600,000 from the CFMEU, which has been the subject of recent kickback claims.

In supporting a joint investigation, Mr Shorten said: “Anyone involved in corruption – whether they’re from a union or not – is a low-life …

“Some of these allegations are sickening and, if they’re true, the perpetrators should be locked up.” […]


Bill and julia

Bill Ludwig and Julia Gillard will not be this happy again, ever


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