“natural home of the barbarian” …

Not the changes the Australian Bloated Corporation (ABC) thinks are on the way, but Abbott Derangement Syndrome has taken hold: ABC News Breakfast‘s photo.

Cartoonist Mark Knight's take on Tony Abbott's comments about the ABC
Cartoonist Mark Knight’s take on Tony Abbott’s comments about

An ABC favorite doesn’t like an Abbott appointment, by Sinclair Davidson:

All Class

Catherine Deveny


The natural home of the barbarian

The foul language, intolerance and spitting hatred of the modern Leftist exposes the sham behind such preachers of peace and reconciliation. The hate-orgy that follows Deveny’s post is astonishing – an insight into a cultural barbarism.  That Deveny has been so heavily nurtured by the ABC says much about the ABC’s decline.

More on ABC’s class: ABC boss hides behind six-year-old Isabelle

ABC boss Mark Scott this morning denied the ABC was too biased, and posed with this evidence of support:


The following story was then written by an ABC staffer who – like the ABC boss – seems not to see how pathetic it is to defend the ABC’s bias in news and current affairs by hiding behind the skirts of a six-year-old girl:

Six-year-old Isabelle from the Melbourne suburb of Diamond Creek became worried about the future of the ABC in January.

The past few months have seen the ABC attacked over its news reporting, with Prime Minister Tony Abbott commenting that many believe the Government-funded broadcaster “takes everyone’s side but Australia’s”.

The controversy has seen renewed calls for the ABC to have its funding reduced, or be privatised altogether.

Concerned by the reports young Isabelle organised a bake-off, raising $40 for the national broadcaster.

774 ABC Melbourne mornings presenter Jon Faine presented the cheque to ABC managing director Mark Scott live on air, while he was in the studio to take talkback.

The cheque was accompanied with a hand-written letter from the six-year-old.

“I love ABC,” says the letter. “Love from Isabelle.”

“That’s remarkable,” Mr Scott said.

“We know despite the noise in the news we operate with this enormous groundswell of support from the Australian people…”

And I wouldn’t be surprised if Scott even banked Isabelle’s cheque. After all, an ABC which soaks up $1.2 billion a year of our money must really, really need the savings of six-year-olds, too.

Still, this isn’t a new strategy. As Tim Blair has noted before, the ABC and its Leftist allies routinely defend its currents affairs shows from claims of bias by warning children that conservatives are just out to squash the Bananas in Pyjamas:


(Thanks to reader Paul.)

UPDATE, ABC proves it only can see from it’s left eye:

Just an ABC oversight, right?

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