acts of sabotage …

How can anyone possibly ever vote for the current Labor left, beholden to corrupt Unions?  Corrupt to the core.

Bill Shorten, the former union boss who unions helped to install as Labor leader, is digging himself a hole. Remember these comments when the inevitable inquiry digs up what it inevitably will:

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has labelled a royal commission into union corruption a political witch-hunt, while warning he would take a zero-tolerance approach to union corruption… Mr Shorten suggested the Abbott government had undermined the work of law enforcement agencies by pushing for a royal commission.

Just today, the rot shows how bad things really have become.


Media Watch host Paul Barry last night threatened to put an ABC critic in his place for warning the ABC was too big for our health:

When the Prime Minister finally joined the chorus last week the ABC’s enemies and detractors put the boot in again.

But the big question is: will this be the end of it? … And the answer is, No. Or not if News Corp and Andrew Bolt have their way.

“ANDREW BOLT: The ABC is just too big for a state-funded, government-beholden, media outlet. It runs an empire so vast, across so many platforms, that no private media operator is even allowed to do that.— 2GB, Nights with Steve Price, 29th January, 2014”

We’ll come back to that issue in another program and to the charge that ABC News Online makes life impossible for its commercial rivals.

Let me put Barry on the right path.

Here are just some of the limits put on private media companies, as explained on the parliamentary website:  Read it all

Now, a question for Bill Shorten, from Andrew Bolt: Which saboteur slashed Victoria’s power?

We need to hear a lot, lot more about this astonishing bastardry:

Police say a fire at the Yallourn power station in Gippsland in June last year was caused by an act of sabotage

Three generators were knocked out at the plant which supplies a quarter of Victoria’s energy. It came in the middle of a bitter industrial dispute between the power station operator Energy Australia and the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU).

The fire coincided with Energy Australia’s decision to lock CFMEU members out of the site indefinitely… The CFMEU has …denied any involvement.

… then there’s boats, global warming, human rights, etc. , all covered by Bolta this morning. Sometimes, you just have to laugh: ALPBC’s Media Watch admits ABC wrong on “torture” story. Slams ABC’s critics

and a reminder of a blast from the past, Bruce Wilson, 25 kilograms of gelignite and a plan to blow …

UPDATE: Another inquiry has begun, Rudd and Gillard served with summonses to attend and surrender documents to Royal Commission: Here’s The Australian’s report today on Ian Hanger QC’s Royal Commission of Enquiry into the Rudd Insulation Debacle.

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