Labor Lawyer’s Club wins delay …

Justice delayed is justice denied. It sure looks like the Labor Lawyers Society is hell bent on preventing the Slater and Gordon documents seeing the light of day. I wonder who is paying the dishwasher’s (Wilson) legal bill. More fodder for a Royal Commission into the topic I think.

The Victoria Police already have over a thousand documents plus more Statutory Declarations, so charges may not be delayed for too long, but it’s obvious someone doesn’t want  S&G’s written evidence, covering over 360 more documents, see the light of day.

The Wilson appeal against Chief Magistrate Lauritsen’s finding of fraud

I’m told that the appeal to the Supreme Court of Victoria will be listed for a hearing some time in June this year. Yes June. 5 months away. Great news for some. (Comments at the link of very pee’d off readers.)

[…] Anyhow, looks like a decision to waive legal privilege will be handed down next hearing…. … the meantime, the Royal Commission will have no fear about any criminal events in front of any jurisdiction regarding Wilson and Gillard and hence they could go full steam ahead inquiring into AWU scandal; especially because VicPol would have already got enough stat decs to sink a ship deck. So prolly too late for any forum to prejudice the VicPol probe and if there are more witnesses to be interviewed, the momentum for truth will be rather persuasive. Monday, 03 February 2014 at 04:47 PM

Bruce WilsonBruce Wilson

Lawyers for former union official Bruce Wilson – Julia Gillard’s ex-boyfriend – are pushing ahead with a Supreme Court appeal against a magistrate’s decision to allow Victorian fraud squad detectives access to hundreds of documents over an alleged union slush fund […]

Wilson and Co also crack a mention in the Melbourne Water – CFMEU scandal

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