giggles galore … the ‘loonies’ have escaped

These people are what? Politicians? There aren’t enough words to describe them properly, but some answers can be found in the comments. Airhead doesn’t even get close. How the senior Navy Officers and Ministers being questioned didn’t break into at least giggles is beyond me!

Sinclair Davidson, an economics Professor is rolling around on the floor: Television isn’t always real

Update I: From the thread:

Poor Princess Sarah Hyphen-Hyphen, being savagely kicked in the ankle by the Committee Chair next to her , dispenses with her next killer question and silently chokes back a tear of regret.

“Why ?” She thinks to herself “why is the Navy wasting time shooing away poor refos, when they should be combing the Pacific for those poor abandoned castaways on Gilligan’s Island ?!”

Update II: More from the thread:

Someone had to vote them in, and Tim Blair finds out who the loonies are:

An email went out on Friday from “Cole, Zoe, Opal and the QLD Leadership Team” of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, urging the movement’s claimed 90,000 followers to protest against Tony Abbott in Brisbane:

Tomorrow is our chance to get out, get on our feet, and show Abbott and his cronies that we support ambitious climate action, and that we want climate action now!

And here’s the turnout:


(Via Habib, who reports that the dismal protest “still got air time on every network, despite there being more punters in the pie shop than involved in this fracas. 10AM on a Saturday was always going to be a big ask.”)

The quality of ‘loonies’ gets worse by the day! It’s not that I usually put labels to people, but heck … take a look and see for yourself. Then there’s Labor’s Senator Carr. Anger management and comprehension need some serious adjustments: Scott Morrison faces hostile Senate committee to defend

And the winner is, Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison.

[…]Not since six years ago, before the Howard government’s Pacific Solution was abolished by Kevin Rudd, had no boats arrived for such a stretch.

No boats, equals no deaths at sea. That must hurt the left …

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