“Dont Just Trust The Government, Demand Proof” …

The beginning of a media revolution? One can hope …. or not.

IF THIS WERE TO CATCH ON, IT COULD SET OFF A REVOLUTION IN JOURNALISM: CNN’s Jake Tapper: Don’t Just Trust the Government, Demand Proof.

On the Hugh Hewitt radio show last week, CNN anchor Jake Tapper was asked about Edward Snowden’s leaks and government claims that they’ve done great damage to America. Every broadcast journalist in the nation ought to read his reply. The core of it: Be skeptical, and demand evidence before believing official claims!

I’m predicting, though, that it won’t catch on before January 21, 2017, at the very earliest.

Posted at 10:22 am by Glenn Reynolds

I am inclined to agree with Glenn! Yes, I am back from a few days of intensive fact-finding in Perth by being forced to just watch ‘their’ ABC.

[…]The ABC claims it isn’t biased, and only bloody conservatives would say so.

Gerard Henderson on how the ABC is now hiring refugees from the private Left-wing media it is helping to destroy: […]

Another one bites the dust. Global Mail dies

Utterly predictable:

TWO-year-old news website The Global Mail is to shut down after reports its backer, entrepreneur Graeme Wood, withdrew funding from the venture this week.

Wood committed up to $20 million over five years to the project, which launched under founding editor Monica Attard in February 2012…


The dream vs the audience:

It promised quality journalism, free of ads and celebrity.


The site began in February 2012 with 97,000 unique visitors but this audience halved in the second month of operation to 47,000, according to Nielsen figures.

True, the Global Mail was simply boring. Too much tired writing by ideological hacks.

But even so, it’s worth observing that the audience for things Left is very rarely as big as these self-appointed tribunes of the people imagine, which is why so many journalists of the Left support state-backed media.

Second, the Global Mail would have done a bit better had it not had competition from the state-funded ABC, providing the same ideological diet to the same readers. For free.

Preaching to the choir!

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