global colding …

Fudged data sets have been found to cause ALL of the warming reported by the agencies promoting climate change. That, and many other articles at  Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup

Where is the warming, I want it back now!

Meteorologist Joe D’Aleo of WeatherBell Analytics informed TWTW that on January 28 every state of the union will have freezing temperatures and parts or all of 27 states will be below zero (-18 ºC). The current National Weather Service forecast for Washington is a high of 18ºF (-8 ºC) and a low of 7ºF (-14 ºC). The low temperature will be some 21ºF (12 ºC) below the Washington normal low for mid-January of 28ºF (-2 ºC). Perhaps the nation would be better off if the President declares his climate action plan is working and no new measures are needed. For an overview of what the week will bring see link under Changing Weather.


Integrity of Datasets: Steven Goddard reports he discovered a spurious warming in the US data set provided by the US Historical Climatology Network (USHCN) and used by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (NASA-GISS). The finding is not new. It has been reported by Anthony Watts, Joseph D’Aleo and others. In general, version 2 of the data set, reduced historic temperatures making recent temperatures to appear warmer than the past. All this makes announcements of a certain year being the X hottest in the historic record highly questionable. Once a dataset is compromised, can its integrity be restored? See links under Measurement Issues.


Maximum and Minimum or Average: The report by Steven Goddard prompted Roy Spencer to update his alternative dataset using the U.S. average Integrated Surface Hourly temperature data (48 states) which he adjusts for changes in population density of the area where the report station is located. The adjustment is to compensate for the Urban Heat Island effect (UHI).

Spencer reports that in 2012 he too discovered a spurious warming in the USHCN dataset around 1998. By averaging four readings of temperatures taken at the same time (00, 06, 12, AND 18 UTC) he calculates a warming trend since 1973 – when there was sufficient hourly coverage of the US. After adjusting for population growth, Spencer shows a warming trend significantly less than that of the USHCN. Further, the spurious warming remains even with no population adjustment. Spencer concludes: Clearly, adjustments to surface temperature data are at least as large as the global warming signal being sought. Until a transparent analysis of the USHCN methodology is carried out, and alternative methods and temperature datasets are tested, I can’t bring myself to believe any U.S. government pronouncements regarding record warm temperatures. See link under Challenging the Orthodoxy.

[…] I don’t know all of the sources of these discrepancies, which partly remain even if I *don’t* do a population density adjustment to my dataset:


A lot more stories on climate at the link.

Quote of the Week: “The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.” Leonardo da Vinci [H/t Climate Etc.]


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