down the wind tunnel into oblivion …

Prophecy fulfilled, only generous taxpayer/user subsidies have let it get this far: Filed last week,

Off for wind farm finance: Prokon files for bankruptcy | – John Reed

More here:

[…] Prokon operates 50 wind parks in Germany and Poland.

Following the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, Germany has decided to accelerate its planned phasing out of nuclear power and is seeking to boost development of renewable sources of energy instead.

The generous subsidies in the sector, financed via an energy tax, have led to a mushrooming of wind and solar energy parks.

But with the subsidies being cut and in face of ferocious competition from Asia, a number of German renewable energy companies have been forced to close in recent years.


Previously: Siva’s wind turbine maker files for bankruptcy – The Times of India

From Finland: WinWinD files for bankruptcy – Renewable Energy Focus

German wind farm developer Windreich files for insolvency | Reuters

Nordic Windpower flies into bankruptcy – USA – Dissolve

Searching reveals a lot more.

576 x 407 · 29 kB · jpeg·Wind-Turbine Maker That Obama Praised Files for Bankruptcy

Yes it’s that bad: The Great American Wind Power Fraud – Canada Free Press


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